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My park cannot play code 19 for 2 years

Everybody can play code 19.I cannot played it and now I cannot complete the mission.Can Lydia help me solve the problem?

What do you mean you can’t play it? What happens when you try? I guess you can try contacting them… but not sure getting past game missions is all that important to them (many players never finish them). They’ll probably just tell you to try reinstalling the game.

Code 19 only happens by chance.I haven’t meet even 1 time but other player meet many times.

Mary Jo S. via Ludia Forums 於 2019年8月17日 週六 13:38 寫道:

Ah! Wow, that’s frustrating. I guess you’d have to contact Ludia support and see if they can get it working.

Witch email can I respond if this doesn’t work anymore?

The address they give us here on the forums to use is

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Same Problem here…
Not a single code 19 triggered in my park since the release of that feature -.-
Pretty frustrating to be honest