My park isn't showing as a park


My town is kind of small but we do have a legit park and I can’t get any of the things that are park specific because thw towns parknisnt kisted as such… who would I talk to to fix this?

Public park isn't a park?

Google maps needs to know, so they can mark it as a park. Once that’s done, notify Ludia of it. The reason is because Google maps sits at the core archetecture of the game. The GPS coordinates should pick up your park as a park after you get hold of Google.


A lot of people here have had this issue, and they are all saying “it shows up in PoGo, why not here?”.

Niantic uses Openstreetmap for PoGo, JWA uses Google Maps. What appears on one won’t necessarily appear on the other.


So I added a few parks that are missing in my town in gmaps. The first of three has already been accepted as an edit to gmaps. Now I’m waiting for it to show up ingame. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


To speed things up, you could also contact Ludia and ask if Google has adjusted their edits yet. Let them know about the edits being made, this sometimes can help the devs get your park in the game quickly.


I am adjusting my googlemaps in my city as well because there are lots of beauty salons, hair salons and bus stops not shown in Gmaps, hope this help to have some dilophosauro, dimetrodonte and erlikosauro spawining in the nearby.
Unfortunately it seems I can’t do it for the bus stops because it is up to the bus firm to give the informations to google, not only the bus positions, but also the timetable and so on, in order to have the google maps right calculation when you search a destination and then choose the “public transport” option.


What is the best way to notify ludia about this? Just today I checked out several parks, but they didn’t show up in the game, even though google maps has them for years.


I would just email their support staff. It’s easy enough.


When the exclusive dinos spawn on the green supply drops, in public parks i can’t get them because it doesn’t have the green supply deops. Maeked with green stuff but no green drops. Kalbarija, Lithuania centre of city.