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My park progress and other stuff

I wanted to make a thread where i show my park progress and plans for my park, so i did it : D


Some of my plans are to get more strong herbivores and pterosaurs


I’m currently working on scorp. I already have deinonychus and albertosaurus at 30 so i will get it in about 2 weeks.

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I unlocked Kapro g2

Very late because i was lazy lol

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You’re not lazy. I am :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. do you have it unlocked so you didn’t need to do cot?

I’m not the most active player and I forgot to do most battles. I do not have it unlocked but I’m not too sad right now because if it does get a hybrid it’ll get a tourney

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Oh ok

Do you have a plan for your herbs and Ptero’s? What you aiming for?

Some 30-40 tourney creatures and whatever else i will find that’s worth to buy. Also i was supposed to say amphibians instead of pteros but but said pteros lol

Because you said this, I just had to do this meme