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My park

In seeing screenshots and videos of other peoples parks, they are very close together to maximise coin production. My park is very different though. I like to pretend that there are visitors in the park and make roads for supply lines to the dinosaurs.

The part where the train halts, is where I think the people come in. That is where my road starts to take the people to the triple crown hotels.

There is also another road for park staff to feed the dinosaurs on that side.

The empty spaces are where people will walk to look at the dinosaurs.

There is a road to go to the raptor paddock too.

So, this is very different from other peoples parks


Very good mate! I envy your resources too!


Thanks, I noticed you have changed your profile picture

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I have done something similar with my park. Once I get all my favorite dinosaurs, I will work to make it even more beautiful and real-looking.

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Yes, it is cool imao.

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I used to do that a few years ago, but got tired of it because there wasn’t really anyone there besides my dinosaurs, so I deleted it and went for the coin production method.
I’m still waiting for that day when we can see guests walking again and visit our friends parks.

Most people fill up their paddocks with lvl 40s of creatures. I would just like 1 lvl 40 creature per paddock.