My Pass resets to level one

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Bug Description:

Area is was found in: missions tab

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Complete your missions
Step 2 - Collect pass rewards
Step 3 - Have game crash/ close app
Step 4 - reopen app and look at the pass level
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: So far, once. Because now I can’t progress

What type of device are you using: iOS

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
And the collect all button in the missions tab caused my game to crash, don’t know if that’s happened to anyone else.

Also do rewards not count if we completed the weekly missions before passes were handed out?


Hey @GhidorahRod56, Would you mind sending this to our team along with your support key at so we can look into this for you?

Thank you.

Yep i had it happen on android. Was on when the changeover happened, redeemed to level 10, made a call, then logged back in and it reset.

Same thing happened to me

@E.D My pass progress got deleted after I logged back in

@Breona I think it is not necessary to email support. It happens to everyone.

Now I’m afraid to collect mine if this is a thing…

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Does any1 happen to know who to reach out to if the tyrant pass purchase bugged out to make you purchase 1 time but upon logging out and restarting app it showed it wasn’t activated (meaning to purchase a 2nd time)?

Yup! @DannoXT, You can email support at for assistance!

All those data collected are lost after restarting the game. Happened to all people.

Happened to me as well and is now saying that i didn’t purchase the premium pass.

YEP, it happened to me. Thanks Ludia…

Honestly, how a company can screw up this much amazes me… Should be some kind of guinness record


Same with everyone I guess. All we could do is wait and only hope :pensive:

Same for me but also does anyone know if missions completed since the update yesterday means I lose out on the data? I had already fully completed the monthly and one of weekly and looks like I didn’t get the data for those.

I got the data, then it reset upon re-logging in. Contacted ludia but just an automated message so far. I doubt we’ll get any response for about a week, if at all, and even then are they just going to bump everyone x amount or actually go into every account in the game & work out where you should be? More likely theyll just throw everyone some HC as a ‘sorry’ and a significant proportion of players will end up missing out on rewards.

Please don’t merge it with another thread, since it’s a different issue vs if the pass is too expensive or not.
How long the upgrade will last is not mentioned anywhere in the game.

I purchased the premium upgrade ($39.99,) and collected the bonus rewards of the pass. However, after I finished level 1, it asks me to purchase the upgrade again if I need the same benefits at level 2.

Well, I don’t think I’ll spend hundreds of $$ each month for the additional benefits of the pass, so I’ll just go free from now on. I post this here so you know what you’ll get when you pay for the upgrade.

My pass is NOT reset to level one. Why do you move my topic here? It’s a different issue!!!
Is that you are so afraid for players to see the problem!!!

The advertisement for the pass clearly shows rewards all the way to the end. You can see the emote at level 23 and the morty skin at level 30 in the preview before you purchase.

Yes, if you purchase the pass at each level I guess…

BTW, I don’t see such advertisement