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My personal arena fix

Last night I was experimenting with teams for the tournament and playing a few friendlies; fun! So I decided to throw the team into Aviary - not surprisingly it got wiped out, but I stuck with it - bye bye Aviary, see you later Lockwood, hello Jurassic Ruins (pretty swiftly). Having fun now - not fallen quite enough to be winning but a few close 3-2s and enough take downs for my daily; not an over-boosted horror team in sight. Should start getting incubators again soon.

I will stay here for the duration of the tournament - saves constantly swapping teams (note for Ludia - when you have sorted boosts can you please add in the facility to define a number of teams or at the very list tag favourites which stay at the top).

After the tournament I will put on a team that suits my level (the bulk of my creatures are in the 15-20 zone) - will be good to mix it up a bit - may even level up some of the poor creatures that are there just to be milked of their DNA.

Will I climb again? Assuming boosts are fixed then probably at some point with an arena appropriate team … maybe the next season, maybe not. Wave if we have a battle :slight_smile:


First win for my non-hybrid team in the arena :man_dancing: :man_dancing: :man_dancing:

8 hour incubator :smile:

Edit: another victory; hanging in Ruins … this is much more fun

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Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought matchmaking was supposed to match you with an “equally” leveled team. However, when I put together a fun team of new dinos levels 10-15, I’m still matched with a team of level 20-25+ dinos (often boosted). If it’s not by trophy count or by team level, what is the new matchmaking process? I’d love to understand it. I have a marsupial lion dying to battle.

From my experience in the last 24 hours the trophy count still makes up the lion’s share of the match (pun intended); I didn’t start getting more sensible matches for my new team until I had dropped several hundred trophies.

The lion is on my team - what’s not to love about a lion ripping someones face off? :slight_smile:

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Match making is currently like 60% arena 39% levels 1% boosts…

If it wasnt for the occasional even match up i do get id swear the algorithm for match making was. If player bough boosts find him someone who hasnt so he wins 3-0 and teaches them the error of their ways.

Back on topic… be nice if you can stabalize in ruins… what do you plan on doing with the boosts you win from your daily?

Rate of drop has slowed but I doubt I will hang onto Ruins (although I have now filled all my incubator slots) - Sorna should be possible though. Should get back into Ruins once I put a bit more balanced team on after the tournament. My tournament team should be good once levelled at 26 but in the arena there are too many 15s to stay in Ruins.

I’m just stockpiling the boosts; will probably save them for when I want a shot at the top 500 again when the next season comes round - if I bother.

Hey man, I feel your pain. I spent about a year building and refining a team (up to L25ish) and managed to climb up to Aviary. Since 1.7 my team, creature stats and strategies are completely meaningless when all you face is over-boosted over-powered creatures all the time. I too have been smashed down 1000 trophies back into Jurassic Ruins. What were all those months of collecting and team building for?!! Absolutely nothing evidently. Well done Ludia on breaking what was becoming a fairly well balanced game, but now that’s all gone out of the window by alowing ‘cheaty’ stat-padders to imbalance everything.

So oddly, through no fault of my own I now have to face a mixture L20s teams with my L25 squad which feels grossly unfair (for them).

Make that 0% boosts… that’s what has ruined the arena for many in Aviary. I can’t enjoy the tournament either - too many bugs/possible cheats to be trusted.

So I’m sitting here thinking… what happened? How can it be fixed?

And hope it’s not too late to lose more good top players and friends.

Glad you found a solution that works for you and are having fun :slightly_smiling_face:

I really miss the days of when a new unique was created and actually fit on the team. Progression is a double edge sword in this game sometimes. Now the new unique sits and waits for extended periods of time until it is leveled enough. Finally gets there and gets creamed by a 2 second purchase in the market. Arena dropping with a lower team may be a good idea. The way it’s been going it may just happen unintentionally. Glad you are enjoying the game more :blush:


That screen grab is pretty perfect with Indominus on the ground in a puff of dust. His pose is like when my dog stretches out and rubs himself on the carpet. Haha