My personal buff for Trykosaurus

The great majority of people in the jwa comunity(including me) is dissapointed with Trykosaurus buff, so here is my personal rebuff for it to be officially in the meta

  1. Attributes
    Attack: 1600 to 1650
  2. Abilities
    Resilient Impact gets a threatened ability, it attacks all opponents(flocks and raids)
    Deffense Shattering Rampage becomes Fierce Devouring Rampage
    Medium counter attack becomes medium counter vulnerabilty
    (As most of the fierce creatures)
    Vulnerability: 50% to 100%
    Speed Decrease: 0% to 100%
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You could just visit JWAToolbox and make it yourself :stuck_out_tongue:
Either way, no real need to give it an Alert ability when there are already two Group Resilient Impact abilities, one of which could actually make it Raid viable too

And I’ll one up ya here with a few additions



This would instantly become the best Dino in the game with this kit, stats and resistances.

Idk about the best, but it would definitely become Tyrant tier, easily.