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My personal hybrid idea The Spinosaurus Rex

So i came up with a hybrid idea and wanted to post it here i’ve had it for awhile but just never got around to doing it i got more coming btw
Spinosaurus Rex Final


A couple of things.

  • Since it is fierce, cunning impact shouldn’t be there
  • Hp and attack are WAY too high. Maybe 4600 hp and 1650 attack
  • Where does the armour come from?
  • Other than that, I like it. :+1:

Spinosaurus rex reminds me of a spino statue that looks like spino rex

thanks i didnt see that lol but the armor comes from the spine and stuff thought it would be cool but now that i think about it i might have gave to much armor

The fixed version
Revised Spino 2 rex

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I like it :+1:

Hp and attack…

The attack and health are way too high you need to lower them and some of the resistances are to minimal to be worth it

Health and attack are way too high.
To give an idea, Mortem’s attack is 2000, you can give it T-Rex’s 1900 if you want, but NEVER something higher than Mortem’s 2000.
Highest base amount of health is 6000, which belongs to sauropods because they are towers. It can have 4800 like Acro if you want it to have high HP.
I don’t understand where some resistances came from. Crit reduction shouldn’t be there, neither should be rend and attack reduction.
Basic abilities are perfect, although I don’t know where the Counter and On Escape Dust Cloud came from. A good On Escape it could have is Spino’s No Escape.


My version
(The spino is spinosaurus ultimus-i had posted it on our custom creatures thread, the t-rex is t-rex gen 3 made from t-rex gen 1 and 2)

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