My Personal Jurassic Park


I thought some people here would appreciate this.

The biggest park within walking distance from my home is dinosaur themed. It’s the perfect place for hunting dinos.

The path kinda looks like a Dino egg, and 6 spawns for events ain’t too shabby.

It’s fun AND educational!

There’s stegos in them there hills!

I would not put this guy on my team…

There’s even “fossils” buried in the sand you can “excavate”

Maybe if I follow these I’ll get some Rex DNA…

Anyways, though you’d get a kick out of that. I’m usually there at night, but since I was there before sundown I thought I’d snap a few pics to share.


There’s a cheapo roadside place to the north of here in Cave City, KY. It’s called “Dinosaur World”, and the stars of the park are cheap concrete dino sculptures that are horribly inaccurate and cartoonish. It’s like walking through a creationist nightmare. They don’t get many tourists stopping in, and judging from the run-down looks of the place, It’s no wonder.


My city got many parks like that. Easy to farm Events. ^.^


I love that it’s dino themed. I have a few parks with a lot of stops but that one wins just by being awesome.