My personal opinion on VIP so far

Last tuesday I activated trial VIP to feel how different things are compared to non VIP.
Well, inicially I was going to count all resources that I got this week but I completely forgot to do it on the second day :rofl:
Nonetheless, I wanted to share some things for those who are considering buying VIP.
First off, the amount of LP you get is way way bigger. I was already expecting this because you always get double of the normal LP and with the vip events, you can even get more 2k or 3k per week.
Secondly, the daily prizes are, IMO, the best thing about VIP at my lvl. You always get two VIP dinos per week guarented and you might even get more if you are lucky (1-5% dinos) That is a big increase of my team strengh. Also, even if you dont win dinos, most of the times, DNA and Food prizes are really good. With one week of VIP, I managed to buy so many dinos and I still have 10k of DNA.
Another huge advantage of VIP is the harbor. I am constantly trading my coins for food at a rate of 2 coins : 1 food aproximately. I have even found a way of winning more. I buy fossils and then trade them for food. I only accept if I get 1 fossil :800k plus food. To get 800k plus food I would need 2 millions coins and if I use the fossil, I only need 1.2M or whatever his price is.
So, to sum up, if you are thinking of buying VIP, I would say do the trial to see the differences. You can cancel it right after you activate it and it will last a week for free.
I am 100% sure you will feel a huge difference, specially if you are not really advanced in the game and you will want to buy the month sub. Thats what I did :slight_smile:

By the way, I have changed my entire park in order to increase coin production. Somehow, dinos cages are not completely symmetrical but I think its not a huge problem. i also have loads of decorations left to buy and thats why you see empty spaces aha
Whats your opinion fellow park CEO’s :smiley:


Thanks for sharing your experience, Bruno_Pereira. :smiley: Your park looks great as well!


Thank you very much @Ned :+1:t4::smiley:


cool park! like the colors

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