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My player info is *** and when the 1.9 update happened my einiasuchus went from 1690 attack down to 1100 also life went from 5075 down to 3900 and speed went from 135 to 133

My player info is *** and my dino einiasuchus went from 1690 attack down to1100 health went from 5075 down to 3900 and speed went from 135 to 133

So… Did you not look at the patch notes?

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Delete your player info

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I hadn’t even noticed that they put that.

Modifications in attacks are okay, modifications to stats not, especially if they nerf what have been increased with power-ups.
I have invested some amount of Attack boosts to have a 1.200 attack Sinoceratops and now I have it back to 800?
Are we kidding?

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Well, for one. Not a good idea to level up Sino over 15.
Two- unfortunately that is a risk with any game like this. Stats change for “balance”, and its a risk you’re knowingly going to take. Everyone feels it when that one creature you’ve spent money on gets a Nerf.


Everyone takes a risk when they boosts something or use other resources, it’s how the game works. One day creatures can be good, the next not so much. It’s just how the game works.


This is how the meta gets shaken up. It has to happen :grin:

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I understand this, but when you build your team with balance and then one of them looses 500 attack and 1100 in health in one update, It throws off whole team. And not being able to reset stats is not ok.

No its not, but that is how things are. Its a risk, be careful on where you out your boosts. Especially if its not an end game dino you’re spending them on.

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I understand the concern from the poster who has lost so much on his Einiasuchus, but spare a thought for my Monostegotops. At level 26, heavily boosted, and way harder to fuse, I’m mortified at her loss which despite the new ways to use her, makes her hopeless at 4500 trophies.


This is really nonsense.
If you want to nerf a dino that’s too strong you change its skills, not its stats.
And if you feel the urge to change the stats, then upgrades should be maintained.
(if Sino had a basic attack of 900 and I have boosted it to 1200, I shall have it 1100 if its basic attack is reduced to 800).

I’m not a top player, I am not one who spends lot of money in this game, I’m just a random player that has still no more than 3000 trophies and struggles every day to keep his position in the Arena.
I cannot count on those monsters like thoradolo, erlidominus etc that are overpowered, I have quite ordinary dinos on which I have to work to obtain some results, so yes, leveling up a Sinoceratops to 20 IS a good idea for those who cannot count on thousands of unique and legendary DNA.
And what happens?
A nonsense like this.
While things like Allosino remain untouched, for example.
Really amazing.

I’m still using her in my team, fighting in high aviary and so far, has gotten a couple of victories with her, I run 3 swapping dinos (erli/rinex/dilo), so I always hope I have a higher chance of swapping her in with a prior hit and run move.

After that Dig in, and if draco is available, do a swap in rampage and potentially repeat the mono swap in later.

Its threads like this that take up space for actually legitimate complaints about the game. If you cant be bothered to read the patch notes why is it you have the time to write in and complain?

Boosts undeniably need a reset option as the way it stands they are only handcuffing what should be a fun part of the game… mixing up your squad to adapt to new metas and trying new team combinations.

And why don’t you have enough ressources to get a Allosino yourself? Because you wasted all that Sino DNA to level it.

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No, because Allosaurus is incredibly hard to find in the area where I live.

You can always visit an L3 to get Allosaurus or use a rare scent to get Utahraptor. We have had Allosaurus as an event dino a handful of times over the past month or two. The meta in this game is and always will be about hybrids, don’t level anything past the hybrid threshold and you won’t have this problem.

Probably yes, although that Sino gave me so many victories it has become like an icon to me.
I have stored some Allosaurus DNA in recent events, yes, the problem is having Allosino wouldn’'t solve the problem, as a good Allosino should be lvl. 19-20, and here we are again: where do I find so much DNA?
It’s better to obtain a good level epic dino than a low-level hybrid, if you agree.
I have waited months and months to finally obtain the Indominus, which regularly destroyed me in the arena.
Guess what?
I have removed it from the team. Never dodges, never kills something and I do not have T-rex DNA to level it up.
A level 20 Indominus is even overpowered, a level 16 one is practically useless.

I have obtained Utasino, also, I have it in the team. Good hybrid, but it’s level 17, not so good against bigger beasts.

And also: what if I invest in Allosino and tomorrow they nerf it?
With this kind of things one can really not make long-term projects.

A lower level hybrid should be better than the ingredient. Allosino is way more versatile than sinoceratops. Like Sino, you shouldn’t take it above its fusing threshold, because Thor is superior to allosino. The current event allowed 36 darting attempts on allo, if you can average 200 DNA per attempt, thats around 7000 DNA, enough for 14 fuses.
Indom is another story, it was just buffed, so may be a good idea to revisit it.
Again, if you invest in Allosino and they nerf it, then just use its DNA towards thoradolosaur.

Wait, wait, Allosino is in the current event?
I have not seen it in the chart.
Also, 200 DNA per attempt is utopia: my personal record is 191 on a common dino, average DNA collected with a single attempt on an epic or more dino is 40-50…