My plea to the dev's

This will be my only post on here, and I’m begging here.
I hate dating games, I think they’re stupid and cheesey. But lovelink is truly a good game in my opinion. It’s the first and only dating game to capture my attention. Which is why I’m begging for the dev’s to add new content. Without consistent updates, the game will die, and that would be very disappointing to see. As players we can’t go several months without talking to our matches and without making new ones. We’ll simply move on to another game.
I really don’t want this game to die, because as stated earlier, I think it’s a good game with good characters. I’m not bashing the dev’s at all, but please update the game. Even if it’s small updates. And if you cant do that, then please tell us when you plan on updating the game.
Thanks for reading if anyone did.


They update with new characters and returns every Tuesday and Thursday so I’d say it’s pretty consistent, just doesn’t last as long. This week was the only exception with Nick Klaus on Monday.

I suggest just taking your time with those who do return to extend it to last longer than 2 days and maybe create a second account to start again and refresh while you wait.