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My Pleasure to Debut


It’s my pleasure to debut what I believe to be a JWA first… If it’s not my apologies. Thanks to all these awesome weekly dino events, incubators, and my job for paying me enough to be able to spend a small fortune on this game. I present a level 30 Ankyntrosaurus! It may not be the best dino but seems it can be very useful if my opponent does not draw the big chompers. I’ve only drawn it once today and it was devoured by a max level Thor, as to be expected, but time will tell if it was worth all the time, money, and effort.

Peace and Love


Congrats! Max level anything is a huge accomplishment!


Much thanks!


Hey GOAT, congratulations! I don’t have anything at level 30 yet. What are your plans now? Maybe starting on the mighty Trykosaurus?

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Thanks Ned! I am very fortunate to have a Tryko as well! At the moment my team is about as good as it can get for a while. Everything at this needs sooo much dna to level and my bank account is hurting after my recent spending spree lol. Now, if only I can catch a break on some RNG and sharpen my battle skills.

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where is it? :sweat_smile:
stats, etc. :grin:


Oh wow….you probably have a way better team than I do then. :sweat_smile:

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I have been working hard on this team for a while! Might as well be my 2nd job at this point :joy:




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Wow congrats! That is honestly my next project after finishing Dio. That thing can be super annoying and great erli counter. Congrats again my friend!

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Thanks my friend! It’s been a long project, now I just have to figure out how to best use it with the mine field of chompers out there!

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Congrats! I just have 1 question, why Ankyntrosaurus? Wouldn’t it have been better to use all the DNA to fuse with Tryko instead of getting Ankyntrosaurus L30? Anywhos Congrats again!!! ^-^

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Thanks man! Hopefully I can give you some grief with it!


You are 100% correct. It was a luxury project so to speak. I hadn’t seen one at the higher levels and thought it would be cool to get one to 30. But 100% work on Tryko first.

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Way to go! Mine will get there someday…

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It’s a great dino. I’m not using mine right now, but even with it at level 20 I could (and did!) take out level 26 and 27 indo with it. I’d love to see what a 30 could do! Congrats on the achievement.

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