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My pokemon comic

i have a pokemon comic and this is the info page for it

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Cool, Can you share it?

ok ill do it

i have a comic about pikachu pokemon
i can make timeline
1c: pokemon islands was discovered.
1c-3c population grows.
3.5c-6c population contunues to go up.
6c-12c normal everyday life continues
13c the war begins.
13.8c the war ends.
13.8c-15c normal again.
Kepulauan pokemon-season 1
makechu,artichi and musticho fight off the warfleet from philippines.
season 2-4 normal
season 5
the team gets stranded after a helicopter crash;they ride a cargo ship to java island
the team fights the chinese warfleet
doomsday begins
the team secures pokemon islands’population in underground bunkers
doomsday hurricane makes landfall
doomsday dissipates
season 6-7
niki’s pokemon adventure
season 8
the journey for money
season 9
phantom mcchu returns
volcano rises above chuyama island
bulbaland,vermillion,saffron,celadon and chuyama island sinks
niki and the team rescues survivors and moves the ruins of the statue to fuchsia island, in the bay near the team’s current headquarters.
season 10-coming soon!

bosses from all seasons 13.8c superscyther
season 1 phanaton
season 2 profesor phantochu
season 3 chuver fking
season 4 mega stone
season 5 evil emperor, robot butler
season 6 eternatus
season 7 the cahmpionship finals
season 8 chumazon director chupp
season 9 super phantochu, fuchsia general
season 10(planned) the pikafighters championship, mega dragon,

At first arceus create it all

no he didnt it’s different
i have teh concept

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Noice!!! I’m also Very sorry for making you write all of those.

i like drawing so i can even fill like 8 pages in an hour

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