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My post is blocked - alliance management suggestion for leaders

I posted a topic yesterday regarding the improvement of alliance management for leaders, however, the forum blocked my post by saying that my post is a spam. It makes me feel the spam filter system is not intelligent or the forum does not let people raise up suggestions. Forum manager, give us an explanation on this issue.

You literally just repost this in different places. You do know that this behavior is spam-like?? Just wanted to point it out to you.

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are you Forum manger or what?

No, it will tell you near there name if it is forum support. He’s just pointing that out to you.

There’s a lot of sensitive words that can mark as spam I think I know a few. But If I write them, my post is likely to be flagged as spam by the auto forum filter lol.

Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Delicious Spam

Please check your personal messages.