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My predictions for 2.6

I have a feeling that 2.6 will add creatues which families are apparently missing an epic, rare and common creature as well as uniques and legendaries. This list has candidates for hybrids and new creatures

Uniqe hybrid candidates : Eremoceros, edaphocevia, phorusaura, alloraptor

Legendary hybrid candidates :
Megistotherium, troodon, ovilophosaurus, Scutosaurus

Epic candidates :
Citipati, Megatherium, Panochtus, Daeodon, gastornis, dinogorgon, Prestosuchus, Archaeornithomimus

Rare candidates :
Deinotherium, gigantophis, Polacanthus, archilobator, glythornax, Archaeocypion

Common candidates :
Anzu, Thylacosmilus, Synthetoceras, Mastodon, megalochelys, Pareiasaurus

Edit : since ceratosaurus was featured in camp cretaceous s2 i say he has a 75% chance of getting added unless he becomes a event exclusive li


Nice suggestions for 2.5 - I’m really hoping we see an Alloraptor unique hybrid. IMO one of the best designs and lots of opportunity for a very cool hybrid.

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WTh.!. Half of the creatures you have mentioned in your list do not apply or even exist in JWA’s game play at all.?. ( see hi lited = bold type named dinosaurs for reference as to what i am posting about )
I would say that you clicked on the wrong link in LUDIA’s forums and mistakenly posted information about * Jurassic World the Game * instead of pertinent information regarding JWA ( Jurassic World Alive )
Check out the list of dinosaurs i have included in this post and you will see that i am correct you have in actual fact listed dinosaurs from Jurassic World the game instead of dinosaurs from JWA ( Jurassic World Alive ) :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

i’m gonna play a bit of bingo.
i’m calling:
nerf to a creature no one was complaining about
Buff to something that doesn’t need it
nerfs to good creatures that didn’t need it
new creatures that are basically trash.


These are just theories @JoeVolcano27. There is no reason your set of creatures predicted for update 2.5 is more likely than @Altithorax_Perotorum set of creature, and I don’t see a problem in which someone just lists some creature ideas for Jurassic World Alive.

personally, id give allotherium high pounce over distracting rampage so it has high turn 1 damage with distraction.

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You forgot the old hybrids being ignored part.


Should we tack on Monomimus nerf or has to at run it’s course?

Usually its dimorphodon that gets nerfed now.


I mentioned that my list has new dinosaurs and creatures

Also monomimus and Monostegotops for whatever reason. Pterovexus as well. Also who asked for nerfing the eagles? They were completely bad before the nerf. They should remove ferocious impact from Sarcorixis. I mean einiasuchus doesn’t even have that anymore

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Whenever I’m reading a patch i feel like ludia seems to hate monomimus and pterovexus

Ludia: buff sarcorixis? You got it.

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They’ve been leaving monomimus alone on previous updates. They’ve set their sights the dimorphodon now.

Yes that would be the only creature that hasn’t been nerfed. I mean why does he still have ferocious impact? Einiasuchus has lost that ability

Hybrids will sometimes have moves that neither parent does. Suchotator is a prime example of this. I don’t think that hybrids should be entirely restricted to what moves their parents have.

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Yes . They should also completely rework pterosaurs


Maybe the big ones. But the medium and small ones would still work fine as support.

Yep. And maybe adding a hybrid for alankylosaurus and procerat by the way