My private clan recruiting! No more hackers!

Hi everybody!

I recently transferred my old clan in a new private clan, and I lost some Vikings in the movement, but we haven’t any more hackers!!!

We are now 11 actives players and defeat alpha 7-8 * !

With you or a part of your clan, we can defeat alpha 9-10, I’m sure, unity is strength!

Join « Back To The Clan » !

If you’re activ and minimum level 28,
contact me for an invitation! And we can supervise the transfert of a part of your clan too!

We speak French and English in the chat!

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Hey, when I opened my the game the other day my app restarted. :tired_face: You and Jedi can kick me from the clan. I don’t know if I want to start again. I was level 50 and had a strong team now I’m a level 2. You’re an amazing clan and I am sad to lose you guys.

Hey! Thanks for the information ! My husband (Perragon) had the same problem at the begin of october! Write to Ludia ! They can fix them but only if you have you support keys of your ancient account! I just have your number (# 8505, but not your special support key). Inform me when you’ve got your account back ! You always have a place in the clan!
Good luck to recover your account!


Thanks, I found my support key and sent an email.

Great! See you soon !!! :wink:

They were finally able to restore my account! Yay! Can you please invite me back into the clan?

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I do that now! Sorry for the attempt!

I can’t invit you! My app doesn’t accept name with more than 16 letters! Join the clan when you can and I accept you!