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My problem with my Valentine's Light Fury

Hello Ludia, Good night.
On this discussion forum, I hope this problem can be answered. Because I wanna ask you about something. Why my Valentine’s Light Fury looked like this? Why on her body is brown not white like the other players have? (Click the link to see the image)
If I compare my Valentine’s Light Fury with the others like the second image is very far. I think this is surely not because of the problem with the type of users’ device.
I permission to tell me why my Valentine’s Light Fury is like this. If it can be fixed, fix it now. Because I was waiting for the Valentine Light Fury for 1 year to get her and make her trust point is full to 1,000 points.

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Hey there, Arthur_Kangdani. I’m not sure if I see the colour difference from the screenshots on my screen. :thinking:

If you have a different device, could you please try launching the game on that device, and see if you notice any changes in the colour?

Please feel free to contact our support team at with your support key as well, our team would be happy take a closer look.


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I only download the Dragons: Titan Uprising on this device. Is using the laptop can support my playing progress? Because I don’t want to repeat playing back to the beginning but I want the progress of gaming is could be continued.

The background is the secret.
Actually it’s more brown than blue or green, like on the other screenshot. And that color reflects on her skin.
Wait for a new season and her color will “change” :wink:

What the secret for the background? I think the background wouldn’t change the color of Light Fury’s body. Because this game has been updated many times following the seasons or red date, for example, when the Snoggletog event, the background has appeared the snow. But the dragons’ skin color including Light Fury isn’t changed too.

Picture from March 4, 2020
The background is another one than today.
Today she looks like yours.
Hm… We will see how she looks after the valentines-week

I dont think there is an issue with the textures, rather it might be because of the light source in that picture, personally I think the textures look fine

As a comparation there are the other LFs

The only one that looks different is the snogglethog one, but that might be because of the lil blue glow effect that it has

Now if it was to complain about textures, i kinda miss the high res textures from early 2019

Edit: Vallentine LF might look a bit more orange because of its particle effects (or to make it more clear that its a red dragon).

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So, it mean that Valentine Light Fury’s color will change to normally like the Standard and Snoggletog Light Fury when Valentine’s Day is over? I hope it will become true. Like this picture.

Because I have waiting for this dragon’s event for 1 year. Because I haven’t yet to get it and the Valentine Light Fury has got today even the trust point isn’t yet full. At least, I’ve already got it and don’t miss again. Because it will make me wait too long again.
Because Light Fury is my favorite female dragon on How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

I mean its still a good looking dragon and one of, if not the best red in the game. That in itself should make her worth the wait, but yeah it should change after the event is over

Thanks for the clearness of your replies to make sure that it makes sound normal.