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My problem with "the rat"

Look same thing AGAIN!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I was loosing 2-1. My opponent full health and increased speed. My health was down and only my basic attack left. but I had evade going. They swapped to their low HP rat. It failed, leaving me with less than 50 HP. My attack landed taking it out. They brought the other creature back out. Their speed increase was gone and my rampage was ready. One shot and I took it down and won.

Ya but like in a position where you have carefully played and have done the correct moveset and you barely survived and guaranteed the win then you should. Yet the rat just destroys that and says fair match I’m just gonna take that victory thxs

It super unfair air

That was almost my match. My 4th dino was in play and had a speed advantage and all attacks ready but it was only at 1200 HP. I had to swap it out for the rest of the match because of the rat. If I leave in the match, they swap in the rat bypassing the turn rule and win.

Ya they should just give it a head but instead of rampage

They could have when they created the move. They could have even given Draco the dig in too. It would have helped it since it has no armor, and would have made it more of an on-field fighter. But nope, they just had to ruin ceratopsians and make them annoying, only adding to the Draco problem.

Today I got the same opponent four times in a row and everytime I got wiped out by his level 30 rat in low library…

Yep when it happens its rage inducing, I don’t even know why they would keep such a ridiculous thing in a game thats meant to be fun, do they not understand rage and frustration isn’t fun?

Its all about the Rategy these days -

If you can’t Strat it, Rat it!
If you can’t take it, Drake it
If you can’t win it, swap rat and get an underserved win anyway because its Jurassic Rats Alive and Ludia suggests buying more boosts!


Yup ik that feeing veerrrryyyy weeeellll​:grimacing::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

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Just think about being ratted a few times then a procerat comes out. That’s always a fun time…

Probably best if I didnt experience that, you see the puppets wouldn’t let me sleep till Lydia was crying for me to stop lol


No what better is when a indo gen 2 or a maxima comes out and when you finally defeat their team and have earned your victory…:rat: whoops


“Boost with me, its time to fight, there’s no strategy!
Rat and Thor, will steal the fight, I call this Rategy!”

Haha :stuck_out_tongue:

How many other dinosaurs can say that are so rage inducing that songs are written in honour of its stupidity lol


At least a little strategy can be done against Maxima lol need to damage it some then setup a dino for indo you need a powerful dino with slowing ability slow it down. Then just rely on rng which won’t work all the time. Or maxima vs indo g2. Or orion nullifying can’t be distracted.

There’s ways you need to slow indo down. Procerat can’t be slowed and it dodges and distracts. I would honestly rather fight those 2 over a big boosted procerat.

But honestly many of dinos can go in this saying. Any dino with rat can be bad. Erlidom attack and run into a ratting. Or rinex hit and run any other dino attacking running into ratting. Monosteg with rat. Thor chomp swap rat…Everything is bad with rat.

If you have several immunes procera is not as bad. Nothing is immune to Ratting

“Where is Bal-Unce?”

What’s wrong with the game, brother?
People rattin’ like aint got no morals
I think the whole games addicted to the Bomber
Only attracted to the things that’ll boost the Bomber
Overseas, yeah, we tryin’ to stop terrorism
But we still got terrorists here livin’
In the game we play, the big DRA , The Thors, and the Rats and the Yoshi’s ay!
But if you only have love for your own place
Then you only leave space to include a Drake
And to include a drake only generates rage
And when you rage, then you’re bound to get phone break!
Ratness is what you demonstrate
And that’s exactly how Lydia will manipulate
Man, you gotta have fun, or just take a break
Take control of your team and ’strategate’
Let your soul gravitate to the fun, y’all

Dino’s killin’, Dino’s dyin’
Dracorex will soon be flyin
Do you keep him out of reach?
Or would you send him in you bleep
Brother, Brother, Brother, help us
Send some balance from above
Coz people got me, got me questioning…
“Where is Bal-Unce?”

The game ain’t the same, old ways have changed
Dodging in chains, are the dev’s insane?
If skill and Strat is so strong
Why’s all the ratting going on?
Draco’s dropping bombs
Terrible Patches filling phones of little ones
With ongoing battling, as the noobs die young
So ask yourself, is the boosting really wrong?
So I can ask myself, what the hell is going on?
With this game that we battle in, Draco’s keep on swapping in
Makin’ wrong decisions, only think of boosting Dracorex
Not respecting each other, Rat thy brother
A fights goin’ on, but the Draco’s undercover
You’re keeping it a secret, its hidden under the rug
If you’ve never known boosts, then you’ve only known fun
Where’s the fun, y’all? (Come on, I don’t know)
Where’s the Strat, y’all? (Come on, I don’t know)
What the hell y’all?


From what I seen there’s only two dinos to really go up against procerat its maxima and orion. But orion won’t always work because rat 2 has nullify also. So it can nullify your sidestep or shield than smash you. Magna vs procerat at same level no boosts procerat wins. So I guess you really need maxima. Erlidoms cloak and ms can be nullified and dodged aswell.

The Rats actually behave life real rats, in that they always seem to survive and/or escape!

…escape NERFS that is!