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My progress for Joppa event was reset last night

Everything is in the title …

Lol, like it needs to be any harder.

Yes, happened to me too. I reported it.

I got it twice for Joppa event. Won 3 battles, then reset very early on back to zero. When Joppa event was first released it was 30 wins for level 1. After reset it was 20 wins. I figured that they fixed that error. Than halfway into first day I was 16 wins in and it reset again. Several other guild mates suffered that reset too. Some had 30 wins already, another had already finished the 3rd tier. There was a similar problem last Jarlaxe event. Seems like whatever it was hasn’t been fixed.

I also got blocked from the legend Warrior draft event over the weekend. Some weird connecting error bug reset my wins but also prevented me from advancing a tier even after the required 10 wins. Didn’t record any losses either that tier when it should have.

So no way to finish. You can see from the pic it no longer looked like the original Warrior Draft Screen. Hitting play on the next tier just locked me up in that screen and deleted the bottom menu options. You can see in the pic the regular buttons are missing on the bottom. Only thing support could say was did you reboot your app. Yes I rebooted it and later deleted and reinstalled. Crickets since then.

Me too. Fortunately I finally have a challenge with useful rewards so I hadn’t put much effort into the Joppa event yet. Also noticed stage 3 (out of 4 with VIP) used to show a legendary pack for Joppa now it just has an image of him. If it is a really great “reknown” pack that will be okay but if I get nothing since I already have him…well…not cool.

Haha @gpinsky1313. I noticed that also. I’m half afraid that winning that 3rd tier will mean that the game will do me the “favor” of resetting my Joppa back down to level zero.

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Same concerns about the event as @CPXZ and @gpinsky1313 here. Guess I’ll wait a bit more to start the event…

One of my guildmates says he cleared Tier 3 and got a common pack for Joppa. Not useless but not a Legendary! Curious if that is an error or intentional.


That’s me! :woozy_face:

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Ludia dislikes me, maybe. :thinking:

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With the matchups I’m recieving, I’d be surprised to get to tier 3, love when these event types fall into a new season, really makes winning battles, in this case Joppa, impossible

Seems like the mystery of the reset has been solved. Ludia only intended to give a common pack for Joppa as the reward for stage 3 but listed a legendary pack. So instead of either announcing the mistake or just honoring what they promised, they reset the event costing players any progress they made up until that point so that they could nerf the reward. Am I wrong @Ned @Keith?

Hello Dungeoneer,
Could you write to with your support key.

@gpinsky1313 the team is aware some player’s progress was reset and are investigating the cause.

My understanding is, there are 4 stages of the Ocean Adventure for VIP and 3 for the rest. Completing the third Stage recruits Joppa through a pack and VIP could do a fourth stage for a legendary pack.

If you already had Joppa before the event started, the third stage instead of offering a recruit Joppa pack should be a Legendary pack.

Is this not what is happening?

The way you describe it is both how it was originally expected to work and how it showed up on the event page. The third and fourth stages (for VIP) showed a legendary pack for Joppa. Then the event disappeared. When it returned the third stage lists a common pack for Joppa instead of legendary. I completed the third stage and received a common pack.

So it isn’t just that players had their progress reset. Ludia changed the reward.

Still no reply to people to lost progress. just the standard ‘we are busy’ message.

I will let the team know about the change in rewards, but according to the information I have, if you received a common pack, then that is a bug.

@Clancularius our support team is working hard to answer everyone’s tickets. They do them in order and it can take a couple of business days, but they will answer you. Please be patient.

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@Keith you can let support know that i am not using any gems on an event that is bugged.

Okay thanks for the info. Gotta say it looks suspicious how it went down but I’ll try to give the benefit of the doubt that it was just an oversight when they got the event back up and running.

Yay! It seems that people who already have Joppa gets a common pack! Expendid!

I made it through tier 1 on a 15 win streak. On tier 2, I’m battling people 3 and 4 levels higher than me. Last match, party wipe in 2 moves (not turns).
I hate to say it, but after this nonsense, I’m out. After 13 months of VIP and leading an active guild for half that time, I’m done.
Ludia, please balance these events for those willing to still play…

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