My progress got deleted

I’ve been playing this game for awhile sighned in with game center btw and then I sighned in and then it’s all gone but all of my achievements are still there. Help me plz

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Hello Twisted. If you reach out by email to our team at, they’ll be able to help you restore your progress! Please include some account information in your message.

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Not likely. I lost my game progress on the 24th. I’ve been emailing since then with all the necessary info and no response at all.

It can take up to 7 days, and over the holiday period many support staff will be on holiday. Don’t give up, and I hope it gets sorted out for you.

Also as said elsewhere, if you send another message before getting a reply the support process apparently restarts from scratch, so it actually slows you down.

Good luck

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There’s 2 reasons ludia staff haven’t gotten back to you:
Lots of ludia staff are probably on holiday
If you send 1 email and then a second, it resets your position in the queue

Ludia (the devs) go on a sort of holiday break in Mid-December and during that time they leave a small skeleton crew as well as forum moderators. They should be coming back in early January.

In the meantime, hang on to your support key for your old account and DO NOT SPAM TICKETS. This will put you at the back of the support queue. You could also invest in a Facebook, Game Center or Google Play account so you can further back up your progress.

I actually have been logged in and made many purchases with Google play including a VIP membership. I haven’t been reopening case after case, just waiting like I’m supposed to. Very disappointing that I can’t get a little support after the money I’ve spent. After this I doubt I’ll spend another dime.