My proposal for a buff to indoraptor gen 2

After the recent buff to indoraptor,I have decided to give its gen 2 counterpart a buff as well.this buff will not affect its raid viability probably make more useful in raids as well.This sbuff will also make indo g2 for its pvp niche as a flock counter until u reach better creatures

Why is it an Apex?


Just if u didn’t know

And also indo G2 I see is used in lower arenas so I don’t think it needs a buff


Here’s mine
download (40)

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10 chARS

I don’t think indoraptor gen 2 needs a buff. He is okay as he is right now


Why tho, it’s perfectly balanced at taking down fierce and is decent against some of the flocks like dodocevia.


The buff is to make it better for its niches as a anti flock anti fierce

Yeah but the definite distracting rampage is too much. Maybe instead of definite make it precise so that it’s better than now but not like a better version of the old indoraptor gen 2.

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What’s wrong with definite?plus the reason the old indo g2 was so strong was because cautious lasted 2 turns

There was that and the definite rampage. If it had a rampage that didn’t go through shields and armour it wouldn’t have been that strong since armored creatures could have taken it down.

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And since it’s already one of the most balanced legendaries, it’s buff should be small so that it doesn’t become too good.

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The amour piercing and shield breaking rampage is needed because then it wownt stand a chance against resilient

But it’s a cunning, it shouldn’t beat resilients


Doesnt mean it should be completely trounced by them

It isn’t though
Mine doesn’t do great but it can still do decent damage

But it shouldn’t be able to kill them if it’s a cunning.

That’s why I want to make it a cunning/fierce