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My proposal to rework Immunities

In my opinion, deleting immunities could finally break the game. They have actually no other advantages so they could end being useless.

My proposal is to manually activate - deactivate immunities and tie them to a specific movement.

For example, Magna using its basic attack could guarantee 2 immunity turns. And, in the third turn you could either bleed, distract, etc.

Why dude why

I know Magna was only used as an example,but…why? Immunity is not a problem. The problem is everything and their mom getting either partial immunities(which is the case most of the time) or in Gem’s case full immunity. If full immunity and the partials were a bit more, for lack of a better word ‘exclusive’, then the meta wouldn’t be too one sided,and the more balanced but relevant immunes get to stay balanced but relevant


Just needs a reduction in the number of immune creatures.

Aside from gemini and Maxima how many fully immune creatures are poorly balanced (not taking boosts into account)? Its the imbalanced partially immune creautures that need reworking.

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Or rebalance de immune habilities in general. Not only full immune but partial immunes too.

For example Mamonalia could be bleeded one turn after using its first buffed attack. that could be great.

Or something similar.

Given that is all the rhino/mammoth hybrids lack the shaggy fur of their parents and have cleansing moves do they even need/deserve immunity to bleed?

Everything nneds a rework here

Ah, a person who can’t find a way around specific immunities.

Ahm, not. I try to deal with everything as good as I can but its true it’s sometimes rather impossible to find a way around to win, as you say. Overall when using in 5300-5500 my team Touramoloch, Eddie, Daryx and Carnotarkus. The other 4 are Zor, Thor, Indoraptor and Magna.

Maybe its my problem because I use that specific members but still think inmunities should be reworked again.

What u said was a immune creature doesn’t need full immunity. That is what I classify as rage whining. Immunity is what needs to be in this game. Yes, partial immunities are a little annoying, in some cases, but if this game has what you put as. Two turn/one turn etc immunity. You would be breaking the game no matter what. You would get rid of counters, and creatures that help advance players in the game. Immunity stays, period.

Immune creatures are immune for a reason. Mostly because without them, they are dead in one hit.

Another “remove immunity” post.

“remove immunity” doesnt mean “remove immunity” here because <I didnt propose remove immunities.

Full Immunity doesn’t need to be changed except maybe for Gemini.
Removing Partial Immunity, that’s debatable.

so let’s dabate

How about giving ‘times’ for immunity to be effective?

Immunity (Passive)
All negative effects are deflected for 3 times after receiving negative effects

This should be balance thing out there.


Full immunity was never a problem. Only Gemini got it from meteorite. :rofl:

Partial immunities are those that unbalanced the game. If creatures should have more than few counters, then one partial immunity per creature is more than enough. Also not every creature needs partial immunity. Why not two? Lets look at raptors. Now they are balanced. Give them immunity to deceleration and immunity to distraction. That way they lose most counters and become a problem, especially in tournaments. With only one of those immunities, lets say immunity to distraction, they would still be easily countered.

Look at both Indos. Without immunities they would be easily countered, but with two they have only few counters. Indo g2 should keep immunity to distraction, but lose immunity to stuns, while Indo should retain immunity to stuns and lose immunity to distraction.

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great idea!

like that

But if Indoraptor loses immunity to distraction, he’ll be even worse. Indoraptor isn’t all that great as it is right now, we’d be pushing the poor guy down to Tuoramoloch levels of uselessness.

Indoraptor 2’s change though, I could easily get behind.