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My proposals for new game mechanics

Hi there! I’m and old player (started with pach 1.3) and been playing until patch 1.6 and then was back with patch 1.9. So I’ve seen a lot of the progression in the game and how new mechanics have been added and removed, tuned, nerfed, etc. But few many in my opinion.

I always see a similar pattern when it comes to introduce new creatures in the game. That is, making them more powerful than the previous ones and somehow forcing players to change their teams. Even though this is no new to free to play games. I still feel it as a burden to game balance and players happiness with the game.

I want to contribute to change that tendency by underlying the importance of giving the players the feeling that they’re not wasting the time and effort when they level a creature.

So, instead of the never-ending cycle of adding more powerful creatures (or nerfing the existing ones) I believe developers should focus on widening the variety of mechanics in the game. By creating new strategies that were not before, you’re not frustrating players but giving them more choices.

I’m pretty sure all of this has been said before, is not a new thing, just wanted to put it all together in a post again. Yeah, I’m too lazy to review all the topics too :stuck_out_tongue:

So, here we go.

Introducing a new stat; dodge (and some new traits)

Instead of being a movement, dodge will be a passive attribute like armour with a percentage value. How does it work? Well, it needs a bit of thought before throwing numbers, but basically you dodge the amount of damage specified in the stat. Changes that will come with that:

-Dodge enhancing movements, they add a percentage to your existing dodge, when you need to be yet more sneaky.

-Precise trait. Just like immunity, Precise is a trait and every creature with it never misses with their moves. This doesn’t remove the precise movements already in the game, creatures without the precise trait, still need them to pierce through cloak and dodge.

-Shattering trait. Probably you guessed right, creatures with the shattering trait will always pierce trough armor.

Lingering effects.

What if creatures could roar so fiercely than the whole other team was distracted for 3 turns? Or maybe a warning scream that put your team into alert hence enhancing their dodge by a small amount? What about a poisonous cloud that drains enemy creatures each turn?

Well that’s the idea, add movements that have a number of turns duration (they’re not a debuff but a change in the match conditions)

Boost everything

I’m not a fan of the boost system. No matter how, it feels unfair, forces to make hard choices with your resources and gives you a feeling of being helpless to future change.

That said, why not allow players to boost everything? Their armour for instance? Dodge? Movements? Or even unlock new traits or special movements for their creatures. This way I’ll feel I’m enhancing my dinos, not just trying not to get behind the rest of the players. Just make boosts more reachable, affordable and with more uses.

How? For instance, you can earn up to 10 badges every day by doing battles and then use that currency to boost your stats, movements or unlock new cool things for your favourite dino.

I’m sure many of you won’t like this specific proposals. I just hope you agree with the main idea (adding more variety over more powerful creatures)

Of course, feel free to add your own ideas.

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Yeah ofc more RNG and more need for boosts which are already beloved by players thats what we need in the game:-)

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Please tell me this thread is a joke.


Some good ideas there but its a no for me
We dont need more things to wast boosts on we need the get ride of then once for all
Otherwise thia game will Never be balanced again

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Some suggestion seems nice, but actually going into wrong direction. Traits would make movesets obsolete. Give Indo shattering trait and doesn’t matter if it has Cleansing Impact, as will shatter though everything.

Dodge is now powerful enough. No need to add additional dodge.

Agree that we need some different abilities, but different ones that will add new aspect to the game.

Boosts are already too powerful, when used on single or few creatures, really no need to break the game with armor and crit boosts.

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Armor and crit will be added tho, once ludia is not gainning much on current boosts they release them as a “new game feature to make it more customizable and fun”


I do like some stuff like moves that affect team members or stay in the field for other creatures, that would bring more team strategy wich is what i lke in pokemon


I think the Devs have been plenty creative with some of the new creatures they’ve added, both with respect to intended playstyle and abilities. As for the trend towards OPness, yeah that’s true. But it’s a work in progress. I fully expect new creative builds even without new mechanics, but I would love more, as long as they aren’t as obviously doomed to be divisive as boosts were.

The dodge stat idea is creative, and an intriguing concept. That could definitely help some Dodgers benefit from damage reduction more than others, which could help make the ability more balanced.
However, I’m not sure if a permanent chance to dodge would be a good idea. That might be too big of a change, but it’s not unrealistic, since Ludia did something similar in Rise of Berk, out of the blue (though it wasn’t nearly this far in).

Perhaps it would be better to have a dodge stat that doesn’t govern the chance to dodge (we can leave that to individual moves) but the percentage mitigated on a successful dodge, for example if Monomimus has a 75% dodge stat, it mitigates that much damage on a successful dodge. Indominus, for example, could have a lower stat since it’s inherently bulkier. Distracting dinos like Procera could have a similarly lower dodge stat. Just brainstorming.

A precise trait could be interesting, but it isn’t really needed, since giving moves and abilities that effect allows for more combinations.

A shattering trait implies that shields will be broken too. Even if it’s just piercing, individual moves allow for more diversity.

When I read “boost everything” the first thing that came to mind was each tier applying to that particular stat on all dinos collectively, lol. Ludia did try to make boosting more individualised, but I feel like they could have tried harder, by tightening the limits on boosts. As for armour and crit boosts, armour would be game-changing, even 5% at a time, although that has already been datamined, so they’ve obviously been thinking about it. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, but if that doesn’t raise the cap of 30 per dino, that might make things better, if they manage to make the contribution of each tier worthwhile while not OP. And that is a very delicate balance. I’m sceptical, as are, I’m sure, most forum users.

Overall, it’s nice to see people sharing ideas again—that sort of subsided over time—and I hope you’ve gotten a better insight on the community’s opinions on… certain concepts, from all the responses.

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I appreciate the time taken to answer, and also the constructive tone.

This is just a bunch of many ideas I have or read somewhere sometime, all of them need refining and careful balance.

Thanks for sharing yours!

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Nice ideas but I would not be on board with these at all. Dodge already exists as an ability and we don’t need anymore Precise/Definite attacks which make Dodge pointless. Shattering already exists as well as an ability for chompers/armour eaters.

Lingering effects doesn’t grab me either. Nothing should affect your team outside of the battle. I could see that possibly being very flawed in the wrong hands.

As for boosts. Nah. Boosts need to go extinct or at the very least remain as they are now. Imagine critical stat getting overly boosted. That would not be good.

Nice ideas though and see where you are coming from. I think we just need more variety in dinosaurs and their abilities rather than this sort of game modification.

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