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My pvp complaint

I don’t normally complain much in this or any other game and I am hoping a dev sees this. When in pvp i kill a character who is suppose to have the next turn that turn will love to another character in the other team and they will go next. That does not happen when they kill my character who would be next. Instead it goes to the next character in the other team. I understand this is a free game, I do not have to play, so this will be my only complaint about this. I am bringing it up because it may truly just be an accident the devs do not know about

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The 2nd sentence is confusing, please try again to explain. Maybe there was an autocorrect problem?

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I was half asleep when I wrote that. The word “love” was suppose to be “move.” When I kill the player on the other team who is suppose to have the next attack It will give another character on that team the attack instead. When the same thing happens to me, my character who should be next gets killed, instead of going to another of my team, it moves on to the next on the other team so that they get two attacks in a row

Are you sure this is what’s happening? Some attacks have an injure effect which might be seen as them dying and you simply losing your turn when what is actually happening is they are hit for alot of their HPs and get injure damage scheduled at the beginning of their next turn. If they were next, it can look like they were killed by the attack and it’s the other players turn again skipping you when they are really dying of injure damage at the beginning of their turn. I do this with Calliope alot.

Happens to me too, happened just now. When they kill my character they get to go again. When I kill their character I don’t get to go again. I target their character who is next up. Then I should go, but instead they go.

I thought it could be something like that too at first. I have been watching very carefully though and it is not. It does not even open their turn at all.Thank you though

I actually just noticed something else because I am watching so close. When one of my characters is killed who isn’t the next to act it changes who attacks next. I haven’t been able to tell if it rearranges the order or if it just skips over someone. For example my cleric is suppose to attack as soon as the other team attacks. The other team kills my ranger and then it skips over my cleric and goes to my warlock

I noticed that as well. My wizard was supposed to go next, but, they killed my rogue and wizard got bumped so they went again and then my cleric went. I’ll keep a closer look now too since you’re definitively saying I’m mistaken.