My Quetzorion buff

Orion is my favourite creature and i think that it deserves to get a buff. I feel that there is much wasted potential in this garlic chicken and it can certainly be modified to become useful, here is my Orion buff : image
Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated!


Crafty strike is good, just add distraction. Keep the swap in dodge though. Everything else looks fine


crafty strike + distraction = daring strike
Only difference being that daring strike isnt precise, doesnt remove attack n crit increase and cleanses vulnerable + dot (which it is immmune to anyway)

Here is another idea i had :

reduced distraction resistance to 75% and D.o.T resistance to 50%, added 67% stun resistance, hp change from 4200 - 4050, swap in dodge changed to swap in distract, on ecscape evasive strike added, attack changed from 1450 - 1600, nul rampage changed to revenge nul rampage, nulifying counter changed to medium nulifying counter, crit chance increased by 5%, class changed from cunning resilient to wildcard, crafty strike changed for daring strike, rend resistances changed from 50% to 75%


Whilst I would absolutely adore an Orion buff since it’s one of my favorite dinos, I feel this isn’t the way to do it. My personal buff for Orion would be:


HP: 4200

ATK: 1550

SPD: 130

AMR: 0%

CRT: 15%


Crafty Strike: Attack for 1550 Damage (Now updated so it gives you a 75% chance to dodge 66.7% of damage for 1 turn, two attacks.)

Long Invincibility (Now updated so it Shields against 6 attacks, for 3 turns.)

Revenge Nullifying Rampage: Attack for 3100 Damage



Swap In Dodge

Nullifying Counter


*Damage Over Time: 100%, Reduced Damage: 100%, Rend: 50%, Vulnerability: 50%, Swap Prevention: 67%

This doesn’t completely overbuff Orion, but makes it capable of standing up for itself in the big leagues. Dinos like Mortem, Thor, Skoona, Gem, Testa, can still put a dent into Orion’s plans. This is what I’d love Orion to be, so it’s viable, but not OP.


I like that as well, i think that nul counter should be changed to medium nul counter like toven has

I would love that, but Medium Null Counter plus Revenge Null Rampage and high damage might be a bit excessive, and some of the dinos that beat it would begin struggling against it.


I wanted medium becoz once orion uses its nul rampage its in a tight spot, anything with shattering can finish it easily, im not saying make it unkillable but it would be nice if it was able to do i little more damage. Anything with shield breaking and precise, definite, nullifying, raking or resilient would be able to take it out without taking much damage themselves

The shield for 6 attacks is OP, and that would change all the creatures who have it. You should keep it as is

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I think that’s better don’t buff him, is nice actually