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My rant about Jurassic World Alive and Ludia


Before anybody thinks im just some whiny kid whining about a game, Im not. Many people are asking for nerfs, changes to the game, etc. Where has that gotten us now? Dinos got gutted hard (drastic health or attack nerf), weekly events now sucks, and now literally every update lessens the amount of dinos that spawn around me. If what anybody should be complaining about are the more relevant problems, such as: the Battle Arena, the RNGs, the lags in the Battle Arenas, etc. I could go on and on about all the problems this game has, but Im not gonna. These problems are easy to fix if Ludia would actually listen to the more relevant solutions for these more important problems this game has

  • Hybrid Leveling-Up System is way to RNG (its frustrating to have 20k of allo, only to level up the allosino once or not even sometimes)
  • In my opinion the weekly events are TRASH. Just like what i read on from someones elses comments: Why lessen the strike events when thats our ONLY free literal source of supplies. VIRTUALLY LITTERALLY NOBODY HAS BEEN ENCOURAGED BY THESE EVENTS TO PLAY THIS GAME EVEN MORE, only to do the opposite, But I agree on the part to take out every scent strike except for Epic Scent Cgance strike, and also removing the small incubator strike
  • It would also be nice (cross that out, BETTER) if in every arena there was a Dino Level Lock so people cant just drop arenas and completely decimate everyone on that lower arena
  • Another suggestion i got from somebody was MAKE PRIORITY MOVES GO BEFORE SWAP INS.
    The reason for this is to make the current meta game-breaking (wink wink the stupid rat) and this wouldnt be to OP since priority DAMAGING moves are rare
  • Spawn more dinos, I myself has school 5 days a week, 7 hours a day, and I am limited to only playing 3 sometimes 4 days of playing ( and not even for a whole hour) So in result I rarely catch dinos since everytime I play the game I would either see 4 Diplocauluses or 1 dino (Local 3) every hour
    Thank you for taking the time in reading my suggestions. I hope this will be read by Ludia and will be motivated to fix this “Game”

Post screenshot of level and team, or “whiny kid” confirmed.