My reaction to 2.17

I had somewhat high hopes for this update, throw those out the window I’ve just seen the stats of the new creatures, we have:
Pteranokyrie: 4500/1450/128/20%/10%
Compsoraptor: 3450/1450/131/0%/30%
Segnoraptor: 3300/1250/134/0%/5%
Beta: 2400/1200/133/0%/5%
Ghost: 3000/1350/130/0%/10%
Microraptor: 1650/1100/136/0%/15%
(sadly I couldn’t find the resistances but I imagine most have seen them)
I am not going to sugercoat this, balancing seems to get worse with each update.
Not to mention dilorach and rinex but thats besides the point, they’ll also be incredibly good.
The current methods for each update will kill the game, very quickly, the concept for this game and its systems is solid, but the excecution is poor, to say the least.
Every update we get super powerful creatures, 1/2 updates later, powercrept, rinse and repeat and we have the current jwa.
There were times when people had apex raptors with 133 speed as a cool unique concept, 133+ just seems to becoming common, which goes against old jwa where velo was the fastest thing in the game, velo isn’t special anymore, preon isn’t special anymore, most of these new creatures have decel immunity as well, which limits counters.

I’ve wrote about balancing and the path this game is taking before, jwa cannot hold on to the end of the year at this rate, not to mention the lag when playing at anything above 20 mph, the bottleneck that is aviary, amount of event exclusives, poor balancing from the pass allowing anyone who puts in a minor amount of effort to get fairly good uniques, for free.
I should stop getting my hopes up for these updates, they just end up as a letdown, Ludia/jamcity need to put in a lot of time and effort to try and fix this game, if thats even possible at this point.


Did it load faster atleast?

Not at all. As you see it didn’t load lol I closed the app. Figure it’s because it’s day of update.


Lol I mean if screen scrolls fairly well you could just make a key or memorize which dna is what dinosaur.

Considering how bad it is on of my older phones that might be an improvement to attempting to scroll it.

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