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My REAL answers for the survey (with suggestions)

I took a survey today, and there were insights I wanted to share that can’t come through m multiple choice.

Cutting to the point–With quite a few of the questions asked in this survey, what you’ll really see is how long I’ve been playing the game. “Lots of dinosaurs just spawned in! Will you dart them all, or only the ones you’re interested in?” For a new player? Oh boy! Dart all of them! But me? I’ve been playing nearly 2 years. I’ve had a Diloracheirus for months now, and I know it’s not worth using. I might not even bother to snap my fingers if it gave me 30,000 Deinocheirus DNA (which I already have) at this point.

Do I play battles to check boxes or boost my ranking? My ranking’s not going anywhere consequential until I slap 2 more levels on all my dinos. What’s the point? I check boxes. And no, I don’t have drumrolls in my heart anymore by the time I reached the Library.

So, for the suggestions–

Rotating Spawn Zones
Pokemon Go has this down. I don’t walk to the horizon to check for exciting dinosaurs because they don’t spawn here. I already have these ones. But if my zone became the Quetzalcoatlus/Dracorex zone? Oh, what a dawn that would be! This way, if there is any non-exclusive common or rare I still care about, I would have a reason to check that horizon even if the showcase is bland.

Another note–You could make Zone 5, or change the 4 spawn zones every couple weeks. You can even rotate things like Majungasaurus or Carnotaur out of all spawns for a couple weeks to make room for something else (specifically, dinos not yet released). I love new dinos, but I’m also getting the impression that the game frankly doesn’t have room for more. We’re getting more exclusives, and so many global epics that we’re not likely to find the specific one we’re looking for. This rotation could solve that problem. It makes more variety on a regular basis, makes all dinos more rare and valuable, reduces the sickening overabundance of G2 Diplocaulus, and makes room for the new dinosaurs I want to continue seeing all at once.

Exclusive Spawns
Giving exclusives like Nasuto or Titanoboa a 0.5% global spawn chance would also make for rare exciting thrills, at no expense of game balance. The DNA could be inconsequential when fusing uniques, but it would still be fun.

Environmental Challenges
Battles? Arena battles are not too exciting. Tourneys are much more exciting. My recommendation? Make other events earlier is the week where you may battle with environmental challenges.

I play Empires & Puzzles, and they have tournaments that change the rules of battle. This would mean things like no swapping, all/no creatures have immunity, buffs like Ferocity boost 50% more, damage cannot be distracted or evaded, etc., etc.

If it were my decision, these battles would be fought in the basic arenas and still affect a player’s arena ranking just like a normal fight would. These could potentially offer a shortcut for more adaptive players to advance in the leaderboard, and sometimes give new purpose to dinosaurs currently ignored in the meta.

Boost-Free Arena
Or you could make the optional boost-free arena people have been asking for. Might not keep people entertained forever, but some griping would be reduced.

Co-op battles? I love the idea! But I would still like to see more interesting PvP options for my main squad, too. I don’t even do arena battles anymore. Just strikes for the rewards, and tourneys for the alliance.

More Rewarding Trials
Speaking of strikes–I love the trial idea! But can we get rewards for them? The white incubators don’t count. That’s hardly lunch money, especially for the top-level ones. Those are sometimes more difficult for me than epic strikes (which are no longer a challenge for me). Maybe once a week, we can get a rare and an epic incubator off those? If they take the place of half our current rare & epic strikes, I’d be quite happy with that. That would make things interesting.