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My Resilient Strike/Impact/Rampage Rework

This allows resilients to hard counter cunnings,but get hard countered by fierce creatures.To me the vulnerability that they added to it didn’t make much sense to me.:slight_smile:
What do y’all think?:slight_smile:


Hmm its nice but Idk what happens to any cunning with nullifying strike and cunning-fierce that have access to fierce moves which might “deservedly” destroy it.
Its a solid fundamental move which lends it a lot of one dimensionality in game play as opposed to speed control, but at least it does a better job at controlling cunnings.
I don’t understand how it makes sense for a velociraptor to do like 2/3 damage of a brachiosaurus’ health, under 2.9 resilient changes

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Reminds me of the raptor meta 3 years ago.:frowning:

That’s so annoying sometimes I go up against a lvl 20+ raptor with a good amount of boosts and they almost one shot any of my starting dinos like tenrex,max,or gem.:frowning:

Truly bad :+1: sorry for too straight but it’s bad and unbalance! The official new Resilient are good enough, it speaks of the mutual against between the 3 classes!

While I’m not convinced that deceleration in itself 8s problematic, I MUCH prefer a shielding move instead of vulnerability.


Not really this balances out the classes(at least the base classes) and it doesn’t really unnecessary buff any dinos or the swap in meta.:slight_smile: I think

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It’s just not what they need. The problem is that resilient do too much damage, so a move that allows them to do MORE damage (and makes swap in attackers even stronger) is NOT the direction they should have gone in. Plus deceleration isn’t inherently OP: plenty of dinos like Stegodeus have it (even multiple resilient attacks) but are perfectly balanced because their attack stat isn’t too high.

Plus, you never explain why shielding is bad or unbalanced.


Neft basic attack of creature with vulnerable move down :kissing::+1:

Well, they didn’t, so…

Plus, that’s probably all they needed to change anyway was nerfing certain dinos attack stat. Why change resilient moves at all if an attack nerf is all they needed to do?

Because deceleration is unfair to fierce, while fierce move cleanse Vulner, resilly move does deceleration :kissing:

Well cleansing decel is pointless anyway. You’re right though that decel shouldn’t beat fierce. But just give most fierce dinos decel immunity, and problem solved! You’d be surprised how many fierce dinos are already immune to decel, especially in lower rarities.

That’s the other thing: there’s only 2 true fierce dinos in the endgame, so there aren’t many resilient counters there anyway, which clouds our perception of the meta. The lower rarities are far more balanced. Look at how fierce dinos like Andrewsarchus dominate lower rarity tournaments.


Decent rework, but if I have to rework the Resilient moves, keep the Decel function (it’s an important role) and the cloak/dodge removal, but I’d recommend the moves not to cleanse distraction. That’s my statement.

I removed the decel because it’s a rework of the new resilient strike/impact/rampage,and for the cleanse distraction its still there because cunnings(that lower your dmg)are supposed to be countered by resilients.:slight_smile:

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Honestly I’d prefer If resilient moves weren’t changed and kept the deceleration. Imo the real problem isn’t deceleration, but the fact that many resilient creatures have more damage output than they should, so they end up killing fierce as well. Another issue is that many resilients are faster than fierce creatures. If fierce creatures were faster and were immune to deceleration they would be able to counter resilients with no issue. Resilient moves are good at countering cunning, as they should, so i don’t think they needed to change. But i guess shields are better than what Ludia just did.


it’s still surprising that Ludia said that deceleration is the problem and that it was going to change a whole capacity, for some dinos …


It’s a rework of a rework I agree with you totally btw.:slight_smile:


Here Ludia, I reworked your rework to be like how it was before the rework :joy:


Yes but actually no.:slight_smile:


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