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My revamped themes #1 JP and JW legacy

It is sometimes annoying when you have All 5 movies in 5 weeks. Why dont we have 2 weeks for both, JP and JW legacy week.
JP Legacy:
Commons: TriceG2, Velo, Para, Stego, Galli
Rare: Trice, T-rexG2, Dilo, spino
Epic: T-rex, Pterana, Brachi

JW Legacy:
Commons: Apata, Trice G2, StgyiG2, Dimorph, Allo
Rare: Trice, Carno, Echo, Charlie, Delta ( BaryG2?)
Epic: Blue, Brachio, T-rex
Indominus and Indoraptor

JW Legacy might be packed but this will seriously help with the 5-week problem. If you feel I excluded or just need to remove a creature, just put it in the comments
What theme should I do next?

  • Speed and Immunity
  • Armor and Fierce
  • 4th of July (Colered Week)

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Ok 4th of july ( colored week ) will come out tommorow :slight_smile: