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My review of gigakylo

Well, I watched someone maxing this thing out and I noticed something. The hatch time is 7 days! All I can say is this thing is just a weaker monostegotops. Why?

  1. It is made of a hybrid that has a locked component
  2. It has 500 extra health and less attack. Why is this bad? 500 health is nothing especially if you have a 3+ hit coming at you and attack is more important, especially in the 6, 7 or 8 attack.
  3. Hatchery the is way too long

monostegotops is much better. gigakylosaurus has a weird model


I agree monostego is nice and cool


I wish it had worse stats but is cheaper, less hatchtime and was pachyceratops’ hybrid instead, atleast then it would have filled in a new niche of rare herbivore shybrid than its current state of monostego 2.0 but worse.


It’s getting a lot of airtime in the current tournament to persuade us to get it

I’ve had to fight several. Very tanky.

Edit: I did win this fight.


a hybrid of nundagosaurus would be better than diplosuchus in stats

Why ludia dont do it??


Because Ludia is Ludia.

Only Ludia decisions makes sense to Ludia.


Personally for me mono just looks all kinds of wrong, cant wait to max gigakylo and il take the extra health over 30 attack any day, each to their own though.

Why is the hatch time 7 days though? :man_facepalming: Oh well instant hatcher it is…


Disagree here also, there might be some creatures where giga will be able to tank more hits than mono.

Look at suchoripterus for instance, it’s a lot more costly than tapejalosaur that’s for sure, but compared to tapejalosaur it can take 1 more hit from an ankylodocus, nodosaur, ophiacomimus, deinocheirus, sinoceratops, parasuaralophus gen 2 and a brachiosaur.


I thought I remember it was 300 bucks for an instant hatchery but I might be wrong

Well I mean you’re a class above that set sir.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: bet it got ugly for the ai

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