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My Rewards Have Arrived!


Apex incubator - wrong dinosaurs given

More Someone Already Received?


same here, waiting for the sino one :smiley:


Yup got mine too! Just waiting on exploration now! woot!


I got one too but where is the Sino reward?


Yeah the sino was the one i wanted the most I want thor


I need that sino!


I also did not receive … I want your Sino Level 13 or 14


Patience dude, one at a time.


I want it too!


I’m going to have patience :slight_smile:


i only receive the defense incubator, and some of my alliance get the exploration incubator, i don’t know on what ludia rely to give the incubators, because i had contributed on the two type of missiones :confused:


Got the WRONG tier defense incubator. No sino incubator yet.


It’s … It Really Is Not Cool … Not To Come On The Right Level!


The defence incubator arrived and our alliance members are getting different amounts of DNA rewards?? I got 250 and others got 500. What is going on?


:’-( I am so sad. All I wanted was the 500 DNA Sinoceratops! I know, first world problems.


They are not wrong dinos they were for the defense mission. The exploration one is yet to come.


but clear the set


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Literally nobody reads before they post. Its epic