My rng has tanked today

I’ve won 3 out of 25 battles today and am back in lockwood. Little frustrating.

I’m seeing the effects of the unnecessary damage buffs to many dinos. Not excited about this update right now.maybe tomorrow will yield better results? I hope so.

Anyone else having complete trash rng today?

It’s the opposite for me. Well Ive only played about 6 matches today. But won all of them. Gone up about 150 trophies. What’s your team level?

I’ve only won 2 battles today… out of 16

Lucky, I’m jealous. Lol
I’ve dropped 300 points.

My team level has only been an issue in two matches. The rest were strictly rng telling me to go screw myself.

Its the normal problems. My thor not critting, theirs critting every single time, Draco is always a problem, 5% crits constantly, etc…

I’ve called it quits tonight for battling. I’ll just miss out on 3-4 incubators. I’ve got a 3 hour one going right now and that’s all I’ve got for the rest of the night. XP

I tried one more time and this is what I’m against:

Give me a damn break Ludia…


Not exactly rng, but mm pitted me against boosted teams with mostly lvl 27+ to 30 dinos. Lost abt 200ish trophies n just managed to fill the final incubator slots with the last health pt of my tryko, literally lol :joy:


For me the battles and matchmaking have been massively improve over 1.7. I am regain the hundreds of trophies I lost in 1.7 and get fair even matches almost every time. From time to time I get weird very low level opponents but this was more so yesterday.

I didn’t believe it would happen but I think the 1.8 changes are rebalancing the trophies after the 1.7 debacle. A lot of the high rank lower team level peeps from 1.7 I guess are going to suffer for a bit due to the over inflation of their trophies from 1.7 but it should be back to normal soon.

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That isn’t the case with me. I’ve been around 4500-4700 since 1.4. I just can’t advance, staying where I’m at had been a struggle, but the rng I’m having right now is just ridiculous.

Same here this morning.
Before 1.8 my matchmaking was fair, but this morning I only faced level 28-30 over boosted teams (tier 6-7) against my team 24-25 (tier 4-5)
I don’t know if they changed the matchmaking again or I just had some bad luck, but I never had this in 1.7.
I can see on the picture that you have posted that you got the exact same problem.

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What trophies did you get to in 1.7? Where you one of those who got way into t500?

Pft, I wish, I’ve never broken 5000. My record is 4910.

Hhhmmm that sucks then. If you had got to 5500 or something and were now on the way back down to a trophy count representing you team level I could understand it!?

Same. I’m back in the Ruins. Most of my dodges have been failing for the past 4-5 days, opponents dodging 80% of the time, players getting boosted Thor, Dracocera and Erlidom in the same team more times than I can count… Really annoying when I need that Pachy DNA. That’s literally the ONLY reason I’m annoyed about it.

What RNG is effecting you? Dodge is not really viable anymore and crits are less effective…

Not landing stuns is a big thing today. Fortunately it’s been both me and my opponents not landing.

Thors and Draco can still one shot my dinos even with the nerf to crit and DSR. Do you not see that screen shot I posted? That’s while at 4300. I shouldn’t be seeing that.

Match making has not been kind either.

My experience is that whatever changed, the team strength calculations must have changed. I keep being matched up with teams of 22-25 while I’m at 28-30 and I feel kinda bad 3-0, 3-1’ing them. All those folks who were top 500 due to only being paired with other’s with teams near theirs are now being paired with everybody, it would seem.

I shouldn’t be though. Like I said, I’ve been around 4500-4700 since 1.4. I’m still having terrible luck today. I haven’t won a single match and now I’m running into level 28+ Thors with 143 speed.

At this rate I’m just going to back in ruins. Which is completely stupid

The rest of the team crazy boosted too, or case of “all the eggs in one basket”?

They had a Rinex with 2200 atk/ 150+ spd, I didn’t see the others.