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My saving period

Hi forum members I have decided to start a period in which I save resources in 5 days I have collected 292 db and nearly 7 mil coins and 5 mil food but I had 9000 dna but used some for tropogoptrues( I know I butchered that name don’t judge. So any saving tips for a non vip please let me know as I want to increase my line ups and dinos if I want to improve you guys helping will be my best Chance on improving

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what is your level and what is your lineup?
If you have trade harbor do apatosaurus fossils for bucks or dna
After I can not help you without seeing your lineup and level
Also I am sure people like @Andy_wan_kenobi @Mary_Jo @Aether_12 @Jurassic_Fury would love to help you, I am not that good at that.

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@Indominusrexgen2 I an lvl 49 I am so close to unlocking trade harbor I have a lvl 25 spinoraptor as lvl 20 trop hybrid and some other vips like eudimorpodon and rainy and yes I have apato fossil

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I’ll post pics of my line up but ferocity is imbalanced as I am building my lineup

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Continue grinding a lot of resources and only use them when really needed, do you have difficulty on A.I battle?
Dinosaur like alangasaure and labyrinthosaurus could be good also level 30 legendary and 20 rare hybrid could help your lineup

Get to lvl 50 ASAP, also how is your coin production? If you can’t generate a few million coins plus the cost required to enter daily pve matches

I would recommend buy AF,trade AF to food, trade food to coins at 3x rate, buy more fossils with coins for more food trades repeat.
Food to coin trades are a bit rare but they help keep you afloat with respect to coins as with weak coin generation you can’t buy enough AF for all DNA and Bucks trades

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What creature do you have unlock apart from battle stage??

@SpinoSri I make 2.5 million coins a day
And @Indominusrexgen2 I have a lvl 40 alanga that I forgot to mention

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I have more unlocked but since I have so many in hatchery they don’t show

2.5 million a day isn’t enough to take more than 1 AF trade a day

You should try to do the cycle I said to get about 10 million extra coins every few days

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It’s not like chaniya is going to let you have one pato to bucks a day, I get one like every week or so.

@SpinoSri I can do that as I hatch all my dinos I’ll gain more coins from that plus I’m gonna add more buildings to make more

I get one about every 2 days since I do the 50 buck refresh every day

It’s a bit expensive but with the extra AF to buck trades and some lp or dna to bucks trades usually make a profit in bucks

Well done, I’m saving too, DNA, managed to buy a second erliphosaurus, now it’s level 20! I hope that your tropegoptetrus has evolved well (here I too I massacred the name of this bird …)

I did something like this in DNA for prize drop