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My scent of claws disappeared from my bag


I got two scent of claws a few days ago. I used one to test it and left the other in my bag. I was going for a walk to use the last scent and when I opened the bag it turns out it’s no longer there to be found. I didn’t use it, so where did it go Ludia?

Did anyone else have the same issue?


Yeah mine isn’t there anyone also


@Ned. Any word on the matter? Why do you steal our premium scents?


Same happened to me yesterday. Additionally: after the duel I received the 8 h (yellow) incubator which pop up but it didn’t end in my inventory. After the another duel I received 3h incubator and again it wasn’t registered. It was also the daily series of duels and after the each win it counted in minus (-3) each time, but then again reset to 0 and with another duel -3 and again reset to 0. I closed the application, shut down my phone and started all over again. Than it was all O.K.


I’m sorry to hear if your Scent of Claws disappeared from your Inventory @giardinoni and @bates5919. This definitely shouldn’t be happening if you had not activated the Capsule and our team would be glad to take a closer look to see what the issue could be. Could you contact our support team here at with your support key included in the email? Thanks!