My score compared to my level


I’m a level 10 at 2380something score playing in level 3 arena.
I was at level 4 climbing 50% to level 5 and have been kicked down almost all the time, to the point of almost getting kicked back to arena 2.
Now about 6 weeks later, I’m at around 60% of level 3.
I think my team is ok. I collect around 5 stops daily. I play daily not always collecting DNA since I never get enough coins to upgrade al 18 upgradable dino’s. It involves a L18 Steno a of 16 velo and 6 more with different abilities and best strikes.
Am I this bad or are there more lv10 players that can’t climb? And can’t collect enough coins to upgrade?


Sounds a bit slow to me, but depends on your team and how active you are darting etc. I was higher than that at lvl 8 and currently at lvl 9 I go between 2,600 - 2,900 so staying firmly in arena 6.


Your player level has nothing to do with your Arena Level. Your player level only increases through evolving and creating dinosaurs. If your not doing much of that then your player level isn’t going to be very high. But if your focusing only on leveling your team dinosaurs then it is possible to advance your Arena Level without your player level going up that much.


I’d be really curious to see/know what your current lineup is versus what other dinos you have. Its entirely possible that your team, and win chances, could be greatly improved by altering your lineup a bit. Unless they are two of your best dinos, I might suggest dropping Stegosaurus and Velocirapor…both start to become very easy to counter with a range of other dinos. Or if you decide to keep using Velociraptor, save it for clean up at the end of a battle. Have you been finding what you need to start making hybrids, and if you have making/leveling them up? With a level 18 Stegosaurus, it sounds like you’ve been putting in some leg work to go dino hunting…are you finding the rare Triceratops? If you are, and haven’t yet, I’d highly suggest making and trying to level up Stegoceratops! Nodopatasaurus and Gorgosuchus are two other good hybrids that aren’t too hard to make if you haven’t yet. Though I believe Kaprosuchus is a night spawn, if you’re able to go out at night to hunt at all (I’m guessing you may be since you have a mid level Velociraptor). Also, Nodopatasaurus is quite versatile, and can adapt to a wide range of situations once you learn to play it. Plus, it has some great super hybrids once you get it up to 15! While not as useful as it once was, Ankylocodon can still throw a huge monkey wrench into opponents plans with its immunity to negative effects…not the greatest attack, and a little slow, but a good crit chance, health, and armor plus a pretty good kit. If you’re seeing Suchimimus in your area where you hunt, Irritator Gen 2’s usually are pretty plentiful from incubators from the arena to make Suchitator…it has some solid health, decent attack, crit, and speed, and a pretty nice kit. Also, I might suggest slowing down your leveling of Velociraptor, esp if you have a T-Rex at or near lvl 15…I-Rex takes a lot of Velociraptor DNA per fusion, but its worth it once you can create it! I hope any of this helps :slight_smile:


Wow Chigal thanks.

So much info, you took a lot of time.

I have a deceased friend so will not react immediately. I will make a screenshot of my assets later.

Thanks again.


When I was level 10 I reached score 3800, now I just reached the level 11 and I decreased the score to a bit more than 3600. I never leveled up those creatures which I not “needed”, but only collecting dna. I leveled up only those I needed. Higher level only helps with collecting more dna.


Yes, I’m having the same problem. I was up to 2600 level 10 and now I’ve dropped down to 2260. Seems like I just can’t get ahead!


Send you a personal message.


Please delete. Reacted on wrong spot sorry.


Can’t level up much since too less coins where I take stops do battles in line and in the battle stations ( about 40%) of them