My score is not reset, am i still in the tournament?


I am at 4024 and after the tornament is on I’m still at 4024. Am I in the tornament? If not then I will continue battle as normal.

Strange trophy counting - a glitch?

I’m a bit confused too. On the battle screen I see my score - 3756 - but on the social screen - on the “friends” section - I see 33 (next to my name.) I’ve fought three battles since the start - won the first, lost the second, won the third.

I believe my score (on the social tab) went from 33 to 1 to 33.

All my friends and recents show either 0 or their normal score (3751 - etc…)


Me too!
Waiting for the right answer.


Im confused as well.

Was i supossed to go from 4500 to 0? Some of my friends didn’t get reset at all and are now 4k+ ahead of me and already on the leaderboard. Am I really 4k+ behind now?


Hey GorillaGlue, It’s possible that the display for your friend’s trophy count has not been updated yet. Force closing and relaunching the game should bring your trophy back to where it should be after the reset. If you’re still having issues, contact our team here at with your support key.


After the latest maintenance my trrophies were reset to zero on the friends list. But profile was still showing the right number.Screenshot_20181001-171734
I thought that a new battle would fix the glitch but now it displays 31. Screenshot_20181001-171820 .


That happened at the last tournament to a lot of people. Close and reopen your app and it’ll probably fix it


Yes that helped (closed app. and run again). It is o.k. now.


I have closed out and restarted the game 3 times now and still at 0 from 4500 last night. Idk whats going on.


mine is doing the same and ive tried the same things you have


Don’t worry you did not lost your trophies, it’s just a visual glitch…everything will be back as normal but for now there are a lot of people battling and I guess that’s messed up with some functionalities:joy:


Yup they really need to fix this.
Why not wait and test things before you send out updates. I’d rather wait a little longer then get a tournament filled with bugs off the bat.


Dang :persevere:
I was getting ready to try a battle to see if my score would correct itself. But seeing Vantastic’s SC im afraid it really is broken… and I really am 4k+ behind :expressionless:

Im guessing that nobody should be at 0, so it seems that there are a whole lot of bugged peeps this round.


Are you really complaining for a minor visual glitch ? I’d rather have the team don’t lose time on this and correct more important things…

Don’t worry you’re still ranked normally, trophies counted as usual, etc…


Hey everyone, our team is aware that there’s an issue with the trophy count displaying incorrectly for some of you, and they’re working on a fix. In the meantime, the trophy count that is displayed on the Battle menu should be the correct one.