My second 30 level Dino! 😍😍😍

Ho ho ho!!! I will show my first and … My second 30 level dino!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Second and the new level 30: ERLIDOMINUS (Real strong)


Pretty impressive for a level 18…

edit - and with over 7K erlik to spare…


If you pay for cash that’s impressive :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: and not some euros…

I have heard you get some sort of reward when you reach level 30, is that true?

No, you haven’t. :sweat_smile:

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Those cost a lot of T-Rex and Vraptor DNA.

Not exactly. For me was really hard finding a lot DNA about Erlikosaurus. :sweat_smile:

How much cash, exactly? Bc a lvl 30 erlidom with 7k erlikosaurus to spare is quite something indeed, for a level 18 :sweat_smile::joy: but congrats man!

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Congrats. My erlidomimus is level 27 and my indoraptor is 25. My only level 30 is Stegodeus.

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How are you only level 18? I think I hit level 20 before I even created those uniques. Did you just not level up many other dinosaurs?

States erliko was really hard to find.

Also has a screen shot of a lvl 30 erlidom and 7k extra erliko.


I’d best not comment :thinking:

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Maybe I’m missing something but why would indoraptor say 510/max. Why did it fuse that high or why did you continue fusing it when it was already maxed?

Lvl 18 player with lvl 30 indoraptor and Erlid…and i see still have more than 7000 of Erlik DNA to spare.
So envy that i am lvl 20 for months and still can’t get Erlid to 28…


Congrats dude! I can never find enough velociraptor DNA so its a long grind for me haha.

:man_shrugging: Can you even continue fusing once your dino is level 30?

Yes but why bother if it’s a unique?

No dude! That’s not possibile… For the Moment :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

Yes it is possible. . If it wasnt how would your indoraptor already be at 510/max.

What I dont understand is why you would continue to fuse it to 510/max when it was already level 30. You have that much raptor and trex to throw away?

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Lots if players have them from hard work. I just dont know why he would continue fusing indo so high when already maxed. 510/ max. That’s a lot of trex to throw away and trex is used for a lot of fusing with other dinos.

His indoraptor is at 1210/50 in both picks so he obviously has a high level of that as well. And not to mention it ends in 0 which a lot of players dont now since it was available to dart.