My second 30 level Dino! 😍😍😍

If u look at his Erlik, his ingredient of Indomimus is 1210/50, how many DNA required of Trex n velo to get this number?
Most player would stop Indomimus at lvl20, which fuse of DNA shd stop at 300…
How to get 1210/50?
Event only has 1 attempt.
Can explain for my understanding?

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He has is leveled a lot higher than 20.

I don’t know how much DNA for Indomimus to be at lvl 30, and how much it needs to have Trex and Velo to reach 30, then how much again to make the available to use DNA at 1210…
Level 18 player can do this?

Impressive isn’t it? Lvl 18 player with this collection.
Is over my imagination, how to get these DNA, maybe some expert can explain the possibility of having this.
I guess the only two dinos he darted whole day is only Trex and Velo…lol.

I didn’t say that, but is definitely worth the investigation…lol…
Cause is a number out of my calculation…

The only way for leveling really quickly is buying the cash, money and DNA on the store of da game.
Sorry for you, but this is a game PAY TO WIN. Don’t forget it.

This game is P2W but it’s rather bizarre that you managed to hoard so much epic and legendary DNA at level 18. :slight_smile: You don’t seem to have tons of cash/coins at this moment to buy anything. :wink:

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Even can PAY to WIN, buy every incubators in the store, does it mean all incubators contain Velo and Trex?
I have no idea how many thousands of Velo and Trex needed to get Indoraptor and Erlik to lvl 30.
But a player only at lvl 18 is not too obvious that is achievable.
Not to mention the Indomimus stay with a stat of 1210 DNA extra and Erlik more than 7000.
Well…i only can say i envy SOOOOO MUCH.
Is up to the β€œAuthority” to study the account and make their choice.

What about all the XP for the fuses and level ups. Wouldn’t you hit level 20 by now? You have to have a team somewhat close to those levels so at least 6 other dinos I would assume are around 25 or higher. You should be player level 20.


There is another thread by the same player with some of his dino team, i think we need to learn the skill of hunting from him…


Alright dude.

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yeah, and youre lvl11 or smaller, right?

why u so direct…lol

A friend said that a YouTube guy got a surprise/gift when he got his first level 30 dino. Haven’t seen it my self and never heard of it elsewhere. Anybody know if this is true or just a joke? :smiley: