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My second legendary, I feel so lucky 😁


Just barely leveled up to 11, and decided to buy the one time incubator. Mostly needed it for the nice coin deals.

Out of the incubator I got
-7000 cash
-260,737 coins
-833 parasaurolophus
-3821 allosaurus
-455 megalosaurus
-19 triceratops
-211 secodontasaurus
-66 kentrosaurus

The 455 megalosaurus instantly lit my face up. I was 16 pts away from leveling it to lvl 15. Now I have a good 8x to fuse for the megalosuchus.

My fuse results were, 60/30/10/10/20/10/50/10 giving me just barely enough to create this lovely beaut.

Now with my coins, I can level up that stegosaur to 15, and work on that stegodeus :slightly_smiling_face: WIP

My current team now :grin:


Still do not get any offers since Lv 3 … well, the usual Bugs. So can’t and won’t buy them.

But congrats. Want Megalo, too. ^.^


Thanks!! Dang that’s a bummer, luckily i’ve been fortunate enough to not encounter much bug problems aside from server connection. I hope you get this gem soon :blush:


Well done… I am not even close to unlocking him…


ill never get that hybrid. been playing since april and have a level 24 indoraptor… but my megalosaurus is still level 8 lol… it just doesnt exist for me


Congrats! Megalosuchus is on my list of most-wished-for!


I feel you, but for me it’s the 'suchuses. Neither Postosuchus nor Kaprosuchus appear at all ANYWHERE near me ever.

Insane amount of Sarcosuchuses, instead.


Really? Megalo is so common for me its practically an infestation pest Lol I occasionaly get kapro on highways. I want that spinotasuchus hybrid!


I feel that way about the postosuchus. I have only encountered about 4, since playing in June. Luckily i’m not too eager to level up the postimetrodon just yet lol.

Hopefully there will be an upcoming event with the kaprosuchus / hybrid family.

mon/tuesday: commons
wed/thurs/fri: kaprosuchus, gorgosaurus, megalosaurus
sat: gorgosuchus
sun: megalosuchus

Now i’m sure everyone would be maxing out their attempts lol


Kaprosuchus / utahraptors are just about the new pest in my area lol. I would love to get that spinosuchus, but i’m very limited to seeing spinosaurus in my area. My spinoraptor is currently stuck at lvl 12, so I’ll definitely have to put a pause on that beaut in the meantime.