My sent capsules

I spent $200 on a raptor cent in nothing spawn for 5 minutes after that I tried to use a different scent capsule and nothing spawn for the whole 5 minutes that it was up normally I always Have a dinosaur spawn within seconds of releasing the capsule and now I’m out $200.

Hey Cameron_Vandergriff, there are some recommendations on our FAQ here on how to fully take advantage of the Scent Capsules:
However, if you would like our team to take a closer look and see if there might be any issues while your Scent Capsule was active, could you contact them here at with the date and time you used the Scent Capsules along with your support key? Thanks!

Something wrong with your connection maybe. I’ve used 7 of them already and haven’t had an issue yet.

personally, i’d have kept these capsules.

This has happened to me many times, if nothing spawns immediately close and re-open the app quickly so you don’t miss the first one. It is a work around and hopefully they will fix it soon. If you email them they will give you a credit I think.

Well I have emailed them but they have not gave me credit so I don’t think they do.

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They were good about it with me, have to include your product key and it takes a few days.

Where did you send your capsules?

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I emailed them and they just copy and pasted what I should have done- even though I stated in my email I had tried everything they had suggested in the trouble shooting section and got nothing. Waiting to see if they will make this right and credit me back the 200 or give me another capsule or my husband and I will be quitting the game. (Been playing since the launch)

They had asked what date and time it happened on an epic one that produced no results at first. I requested the 1000 and they did email me the refund. Let us know what happens, I would hope they would take care of it.

I also gave them the time and date it happened and my code in the initial email.