My seventh small story

Entelochops gets stopped by craboceratops

Craboceratops: what do you think your doing?

Entelochops: uses mutual fury then revenge decilarating impact

Craboceratops runs scared

Entelochops: I got news!

Tyranolophosaur: what?

Then some tentorex dna fell on him

Everyone tries to wake him up

Smilocephalosaurus: first para lux now tyranolophosaur oh no

Then tyranolophosaur started to turn into tentorex

Is tented the bad guy, I haven’t read earlier ones. What would be cool if they somehow found one of dracos horns and turned them into dracos, maybe his horn hit a rock

Etelochops doesn’t have revenge protection, can you change that part :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes he does

Sorry @Thylacoleo I got mixed up

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