My small story

The main character is tyranolophosaur
Here are the good guys

Bad guys
Indomimus rex

Part 1

Suddenly tyranolophosaur was hunting and got ambushed by some velociraptors

Tyranolophosaur: ahhh! What do I do!

Delta comes out of nowhere

Delta: we have come for the almighty phosashuracos to make the ultimate evil hybrid that will take over the world mwa hahaha!

Then erlikogamma comes and pounced on delta freeing tyranolophosaur from her clutches

Erlikogamma: delta been cursed by the curse of the dead mortem it was said that after the boulder fell on mortem a curse was released making delta evil, but we have a resistance.

Entelochops then runs out of nowhere scared that tyranolophosaur was evil

Aquilamimus and smilocephalosaurus: who is this? And points to tyranolophosaur

Elikogamma: dont wor-

Tyranolophosaur: hi! I’m new here what’s going on?

Then they all hear indominus rex and flee to a faraway cave

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@jurassicwolf do you mind

Not really, I’m fine with other people doing similar stories to me.