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My snowman event has dissapeared from my tabs

There was over 20 days left and now I cant even click on it to continue progress as it has disappeared.

What do I do???

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Hey there, @Jurassicparts, unfortunately, a couple events had to be canceled due to an issue. A gift mail should have been sent to your in-game mailbox containing the reward for these events, however! If you have any other questions regarding this, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at

Related to this, I saw the gift mail in the in-game mailbox but had not opened them, and now they seem to have disappeared from my mailbox

Guys, the same Issu here - i have no mail and no snowman either so coul you do something about it please? Thanx

The mails with the Sparkheart and Dreadel lasted 48 hours, therefore this is likely why you did not see them in your in-game mailbox. If you had issues with your in-game mail and were not able to redeem these Dragons please message our support team at with your support key. Thanks for having reached out to us!