My solution for the matchmaking

We everybody use to complain for the matchmaking and i been thinking for a solution because i love this game and i hope that all the players will be keep interested as much as possible.

I start saying that my experience of pvp consists in 3/4 match of bigger unbeatable dinos for 1 match in which i have advantage on opponent or we are just at the same level.

Now this thing started in lockwood and lasts till nowdays that im close to sands of nublar shores.
Talking with assistance i discovered that just after 4400 trophies the matchmaking becomes different and there is no limit to the opponents u can face.

Here we have to consider that some players use to drop in the scores intentionally for handfull of incubators. THIS is to me the main problem of matchmaking and the reason why we use to face lvl 30 full boosted dinos since earlier arenas.

The solution to me is prevent a player from this dropping.
Something like “once you are in nublar, you stay in nublar”. Of course, with a change like this, we wont be able to use our lower dinos in lower arenas but we also have to say that we hardly choose to use unboosted lower level dinos in pvp as we all build a team and go on with that with few changes determined by the boost we have to make a dino competitive.

Thanks for reading!!!
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I wouldn’t be opposed to this sort of thing with one small exception. That would be that you could fall to the one below your current highest. For example, if you reach Aviary, you could fall back to Lockwood Estate but no lower. The reason for this would simply be because you might have a big run of luck and climb to a point where your team isn’t actually ready and then you’re stuck with little chance of getting your incubators. It would need a fall back just to keep a player from becoming stuck.


I agree with you. I didn’t considered this particular situation. Thanks for this integration Colin!

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Like the idea of doing something against droppers, but do not think that this is the right approach.

Personally I am in the Shores and I start to hate it there. The current meta is one of the worst balanced we ever had. Skoona, SR3, AnkyLux, Arcto, Phoru, Indotaurus, Paratops… Everybody is forced to run the same team in order to stay competetive.

So personally I now have two options. Either I quit the game, or I drop to an arena where there is more diversity. Clearly I do not want to run my Shores team in lower arena, but just creatures I like (Bronto, Coel, Erlikogamma, etc…).
With your solution this would not be possible anymore. Means that I would be forced to leave the game.

One of the main reason for players to drop is to farm incs more easily. And why shouldn’t they? Other than the monthly reward there is no incentive to stay in the top arenas. And often the top players anyhow already do not need these ingredients anymore.

So the easy solution to reduce the number of droppers is to increase the incentive of staying in the end-game. Add coins, cash, boosts, whatever to the incs in the Shores and problem will be solved :slight_smile:


Level and rarity caps for arenas resolves your issue here.


Well, not really, unfortunately. This technically only would work in a balanced environment.
While Enteloceros or Coelhaast will be useful up to higher arenas, other legendaries like Megalosuchus or Monometrodon simply are not.

You even can have a team of 8 fully boosted level 30 apexes and uniques without having the slightest chance of making it to the Shores.


I like your opinion, especially the part in which you say that there should be more rewards in arenas to make ppl want to stay. We have to say that the actual meta make the dinos u mentioned on another level of gaming. I hope that the incoming changes will fix that problem.
Unfortunately could happen what you said with legendary hybrids but there is still tournament to make value of them

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Not needing the exclusive dna or wanting to save time is no excuse. There should be 1 rule: stay at you max level or automatic ban.

Also we need a dropper thread where names and alliance belonged to can be posted, its ridiculous we’re banned from doing so.

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I like youre idea
}here in the spanish community a youtuber gave this idea so it could get boost so now I am stuck on the avary maybe a year ago and I havent went up

As well could work if ludia notice this it could threaten a ban or a temporary suspention from the game is players continue like this.

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Thanks for the support guys… i feel your anger and is the same of mine… i can’t fight in my actual arena in this moment… every day when i look to my takedowns i feel frustrated even before to start fighting. Hope something will change

Why should somebody gets banned for dropping? It is not against any rule.

And as explained earlier: Why should somebody be forced to stay at their max level if they don’t want to? Do you want to forbid it for players to run fun or experimental teams?

Dropping is not the biggest issue this game has. Not even closely. Just add more rewards to stay in the end-game and biggest part of the problem will be gone.


Ive said before, in my view, which im entitled to, its just another form of exploit and should be treated as such. And yes, where those experimental teams are 4/5/6 levels above the players theyre going up against it should definitely be stopped.
It might not be a big deal to you, but for people in estates and particularly aviary who deal with a constant barrage of players farming for incubators, and so spend twice as long on pvp as they otherwise would, it is. Indeed its the primary reason a lot of upper mid-level players dont bother with pvp.

Is a chain effect… if im not enough for where i am i’ll more likely be forced to drop too. Don’t understimate the problem guys. There are so many ppl literally stuck nowdays. And tbh i think that nobody drops to use different dinos… they do it just for easy wins and this becomes bullying smaller players the most of the times… preventing players from do it could be a solution without any bans… anyway i repeat, i feel your frustration as it is the same of mine.

Well the problem is that players that have level 30 creature or max boost creature just lose on purpuse to bother or get a lot of boost to get better on there rank, and this bother us, which we are only trying to get the 8 hour incubator…

There are many players with fully boosted level 30 teams that are legitimately in Lockwood Library. When you are in aviary and below, you have no idea how cutthroat it is in the leagues.

That would be fine (well it wouldnt but close enough), if the fully boosted level 30 uniques and apexes were in library, as opposed to the reality of them farming in low aviary against lvl 22-23 teams (5 in a row just now).