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My solution to create the PeRfEcTLy BaLaNcEd team

I need to admit that I bought the boosts in order to utterly destroy an enemy entire team. Indoraptor, Erlidominus, Indominus, Thoradolosaur, Magnapyritor, Tryostronix… I boosted em’all and brought them above level 26, hopefully to bring the destruction downs to any opponents.

Solution? I’ve got the match with someone who have the ridiculously level 30 boosted dinosaurs which destroyed my team entirely instead. even thought I did get the best 4 from 8 on my hand, I can’t easily bring down an opponent as it should. with mentioned team, I was kicked down from 5,xxx to 4,1xx in only one day.

The match matching is already explained, the opponent’s boosted team isn’t wrong. so what I have missed is team components.

I took some of them out to use only the best three as main champions; Indominus rex, Tryostronix, Erlidominus. for the other five, I chose the ‘Strategy Tools’ as supporters for these champions

  1. Dracoceratops (20) : for Si-DSR
  2. Dracorex (20) : For Si-Definite
  3. Darwezopteryx (20) For Si-Wound
  4. Stygidaryx (23) For Si-Invincibility and cleanse swoop
  5. Purutaurus (21) : For Render Counter / Instant Distraction

So what’s changed? now i’m back to Aviary (4,732 atm) and fighting with level 22 - 28 boosted teams. If my main champions meet the bad match up as opener, I just swap out to these tools in order to weaken an enemy before bring the champ out again.

Yeah, it’s not like the game will let me have my main champs every matches. but with this team, I have more chance to win more than the full power boosted team as I mentioned above.


That’s… awesome!