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My Strike Tower Theme Arena Team

So tonight’s themed team made more other people happy than me as I lost 3, had 1 draw and won 2. I put this together and kept them till I got a couple incubators. After today’s strike towers, I thought I’d continue the fun for who ever I was matched with.
Bleeders, like raptor teams are not very strong alone but bleeders are more fun than raptors.
I would start with a first move bleeder and swap in bleed on the second move and watch my opponent dino keel over. If I just want to work at sure take downs for the daily, I put these on. This is a great way to take care of those boosted Sino’s and Einiasuchus that are so plentiful in this range.

Whoo Hoo! Rank 58471! Ha Ha! I’m almost to 60000!