My strongest creatures as of now

Here are my strongest creatures that I have. Should I make any altercations?


The first thing I notice is that your level 20 Eolambia, Tanycola, and orthacanthus seem way too strong for your current lineup. I would’ve kept those at level 10.

Your PvE battles are based on the ferocity of your 3 best creatures. In your case, it will be based on your 2 level 20 vips and your level 30 shunosaurus. This will cause problems because you will most likely be facing up against other creatures around that same ferocity and the rest of your lineup which consists of level 20 legendaries won’t be able to handle it.

I also don’t see any amphibians in your lineup. I would recommend getting diplotator as it’s pretty easy to get and has a pretty cheap super hybrid.


Ostapo would be useful too at about level 10. Try to fill in the gaps with other creatures that you’re lacking.

There’s what @Spinosaurus7896 said and you desperately need amphibians. Maybe a level 5 or 6 diplosuchus or level 10 ostaposaurus.

@Spinosaurus7896 I already have Diplotator, but I didn’t max it out yet :sweat:

Here is an update:

Let’s try to get that diplotator to level 30 and start trying for sarcosuchus s dna

From now on I’d suggest leaving VIPs at level 10


Thanks for the advice, but I will still evolve my VIPs if I get duplicates tho :wink:

Hmmmm…. No offense but that’s a lot worse, making your lineup more unbalanced….

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No, don’t do that. This why u have hard fights.

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It’s ok @Jahq. When I prepare a team for battle, I make sure all three of them have the same level of power, so you don’t need to worry. But thank you for the suggestion. :+1:

I don’t think you understand. The power level of your matches are based off your 3 strongest creatures. With your 3 strongest being lvl 20 vips, it’ll be hard for your other creatures to catch up

Again, it is your choice though if you wanna do it I won’t stop you

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