My Struggle Part 1 - A video about Erlikospyx

Hey all I just put together Part 1 of this new short series following my progression to unlocking the Tyrant Erlikospyx!

Hope you all enjoy the video!

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Your struggle isn’t that bad lol

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Yeah I didnt do too bad on the fuses, only a couple of tens I think lol

I got so close :sob:

Don’t worry I have a feeling you will get the 20 you need :slight_smile:

Im currently at 200/250 for the Tany unique but have no way to get the Pteranodon I need coz im only 4000 rated, so its not in my incubators and we cant put the birds in the sanctuary yet :frowning:

Nooooooooo :sob::sob: I hate this game :joy:

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Ahh sorry to see that man :(, same thing happened to me with unique spitter.

Well at least you know next fuse you will have it 100%!

It will feel all the more exciting now once you do have it, as the struggle is real!

Edit: I had to cut some of my live reaction sound clip from the video as the forum mods would probably give me life in the electric chair haha